The Paralytic – Magic Taxi

Now I had to learn to walk again. – To see, first one leg, I lean on her and move the other forward. It is not easy to walk again when you have been paralyzed for more than 40 years.

40 years ago my sister crashed the family car taking me as a co-pilot. Surprisingly, nothing happened to her, but the doctors had to cut my legs. It was my sister and I would have forgiven her, but that day she was drunk and got me into the car by force, I was a child and I could not resist.

My life had been hell ever since. I lived on a second floor without an elevator and could hardly leave the house. No girl wanted to meet a paralytic and I practically had no social life. I just left the house to get a taxi to take me to my job as a newspaper salesman at a city kiosk.

But that day changed everything. I climbed the taxi as usual, I made the usual route, but when I was getting out of the taxi, I suddenly found myself in the driver’s body. I did not understand what had happened, then I saw my old body that awkwardly took the wheelchair out of the car and said to me: “Consider this as the greatest favor of your life, I was the driver of the car with which your sister crashed And when you became paralyzed, I felt that it was my fault. Now we are in peace ”

At first I did not think it was a favor. That body was almost as repulsive as mine, and the cab driver’s work is overwhelming. But I found the taxi diary and knew that I could change my body with a passenger if we traveled a long distance and at the time of paying the trip I wished that he had a good day.

And I knew who to change.

For days I waited in front of Laura’s house. Sometimes it was no good, because she went jogging to the park or shopping in the neighborhood stores. But finally, I saw her leave and make a gesture to stop a taxi and there I was. She got into my car and asked me to take her to the medical school where she was studying. It was not a long distance, but I decided to increase it by saying that the shortest route was in maintenance works. When we arrived, she gave me a $ 50 bill to pay for the trip, and I said, – “Have a good day Miss Laura, I will greet your mother, my sister … and keep the change”

And I got out of the taxi into Laura’s body, into the beautiful body of my niece. With the intention of tormenting my sister, now my mother, who was the guilty drunk that the doctors cut my legs. My revenge was going to be easy against my sister who had become over time an alcoholic who can no longer move and who her daughter Laura, ME, has to help her get into a wheelchair.

The Simpsons – Fantasy

The legend tells that when using Zulo’s medallion with a new garment, then the medallion magically changes the body measurements so that it can be worn. But what if the garment you wear is a design for a TV series?

I decided to investigate. I bought some black pants that had been designed for an episode of the Simpsons of the year 2002. I hung the medallion of my neck and I put the trousers. The transformation began immediately and in half an hour had ended. Here I take the first surprise because what I wore were female trousers. I had become a woman and could not change back to my true body until at least 12 hours had passed that the medallion needed to recharge, but I felt beautiful and felt no difference copying the body of an imaginary being.

I left my apartment and took the big surprise. All the houses, the streets were painted bright colors and the people were yellow. I looked at my hands and I saw them normal, young hands of a beautiful woman but only had four fingers. In a park I saw a sign announcing: “SPRINGFIELD” I was sure, in a magical way I was living an episode of the Simpsons.

And if you’re in Springfield, and in an episode of The Simpsons, the best place you can go is to Moe’s tavern. And there I went. There was Moe Szyslak counting pickles, Barney Gumble who had just launched a big rash and was falling asleep and Lenny and Carl chatting between them. I am surprised that these frustrated sexual ones did not show the slightest reaction to the presence of a stunningly beautiful female as it should be me in those moments. Well, that was not entirely true, the only one who spoke to me was Homer Simpson who invited me to a beer and insisted on insulting me.

I did not understand what was going on, disconcerted and I went to the services and I looked in the mirror. I was not the pretty girl with the dark hair and guitar figure I thought I was. I had blue hair, I was fat and reeked of tobacco. I had become Selma Bouvier.

Horrified I looked for the medallion to change back to my real real body as soon as possible. But the medallion no longer existed. Only one drawing remained of the zulu medallion. In the animated world, real things are drawings. I myself, at that time was a drawing.

And without medallion it would be forever.


Releasing the Ghost from the Mansion – Exorcism

Many years ago, Emily had been the lady of the mansion. A woman of astounding beauty, who married for money with the duke of “El Río.” The duke had always doubted his wife’s fidelity until one afternoon he returned from his hunting party sooner than expected. And he found his wife fucking two servants. Unable to bear the anger, he loaded the shotgun, aimed at Emily’s head and killed his wife with two shots.

Since then, Emily’s ghost wanders through the dilapidated house of her husband’s mansion, and at dusk the spirit of her husband is visible, carrying the shotgun and shooting her in the head for two times.

That’s how it’s been for decades and that’s how it would be if I did not avoid it. I am a powerful exorcist who can free the spirits and make them return to their eternal rest. But this time I did not want to do it for free, I was going to have Emily pay me with the magic of the spirits.

I will free you if you fulfill my desire, you will never have to wander this ruined house again, I told the ghost. “What do you want?” She answered. I want you to use the magic that keeps you alive to transform my body into that of a woman as beautiful as you.

– It’s done, she replied

I noticed my body mutate into a copy of Emily’s body in life. I became a beauty of pale skin and dark hair. With my new eyes I could see how my dress changed into the one Emily wore when she was murdered. “-

– You have done your part of the deal, you can go, I said.

Emily’s spirit crossed the ruined mansion door and left. Through the large windows I could see her walking away … but … but … it was not her, it was me, it was my body. Desperate, I tried to get out, to chase after her, but I could not leave the house. Some strange curse prevented me. Suddenly I heard a big slam door, a few steps approaching and I saw Emily’s husband enter my room, carried the hunting shotgun, opened it, loaded it and pointed me to the head…

Mario Always Keeps his Promises – Blackmail TG

Years ago I was following Mario, a strange being with the power to change his body with another person. But that day everything was going to change, I knew who his last person he had owned and where to capture him. Mario seemed to have found the ideal body to live, for more than a year that did not change, he must love his last body because he did not want to leave. Now I could stop him simply by threatening his present body, Carla’s body. With my police badge and my gun, I went to Carla’s residence. I kicked the door and went into his apartment. There was Carla masturbating in front of the mirror. I aimed the gun at his head and said:

– Mario, you are stopped Mario did not even try to hide his authentic personality. He looked straight into my eyes and said, -“You’re a cop, but you have not come to lock me up in jail.”

– I am old, I have spent my whole life working and deserve a better life. I know you’ve never broken a promise. If you promise to change my body to that of a young and healthy person I’ll let you go. Mario smiled coldly and told me. – I promise! I knew Mario never lies, but to let him go I demanded a guarantee that would force him back. As a guarantee that he would keep his promise, I forced him to change Carla’s body with mine. He seemed very hurt to leave Carla’s beautiful body, but he had no other choice if did not want me to harm Carla. So, he accepted to change his body with me. For a moment my vision blurred, but the disorientation did not last long, in a few seconds I saw him again and I could see my old body before me.

Mario made many grimaces of displeasure at being in my old, aching body. In the meantime. I enjoyed the wonderful sensations that Carla’s body imparted to me.

– I love being Carla, I want to die in that body, so take care of it because this afternoon I will return to recover it. Shaking my head, I accepted what Mario told me and he left. I stayed in Carla’s body and continued to masturbate her in the same way that Mario did when I found him.

Mario returned that same afternoon, but I did not notice because I was masturbating again, so I was surprised. He came up on my back, grabbed my head and said in my ear, – I come in your new body, so let’s change, I can not wait to be Carla again. Without waiting for my answer, Mario changed his body again with me. Just the moment Mario returned to control Carla’s body, he took the head of my new body and dragged me to the mirror.

Look at this beautiful face, it’s yours. You must accept who you are now. A beautiful, intelligent woman with a wonderful future. I have done my deal, now you must allow me to leave.

– But but…. It’s a woman’s body and besides … You can not leave me in this body.

– Of course I can and I have done it because it was what we had agreed. Encourage yourself thinking that much worse than you are suffering the girl who lived in that body and who is now an old, clumsy and idiot cop

– But this is my daughter’s body. You have stolen my daughter’s body, you have put me in her body and her in mine.

– That’s why I wanted your body, to know who she was and where to find your daughter. From now on, call her daddy because she knows what you’ve done and she’s going to hate you for a lifetime. Be prepared to live with an abusive parent.

Halloween’s Night – Dark Caption



Laura had fulfilled her part of the bargain. She leaned back in the back of Frank K’s car and waited for the final moment.

Laura was a single mother who years ago had suffered an economic crisis that left her in ruin. In a few days she lost her job, ran out of savings and received an eviction order from her home. Laura borrowed from the banks, but none granted it. Then she went to lenders and usurers, but she did not find anyone to trust her. Finally, Laura made a desperate and embarrassing attempt. She took her two children by the hands and went to the mansion of Frank K.

Frank K was a quirky and reserved old man. The people who knew him commented that he had made his fortune with magic and dark arts, however he was the richest man in the city.

Frank K himself opened the door and asked her to enter his mansion. Lucia did so, still clutching her children.

– Mr Frank, these are my two children, they are only 7 and 5 years old. And if you do not help me they will be kicked out of your house and starve on the street. Frank looked at the tearful, frightened faces of the children and felt that he could not abandon these little creatures to such a black destination.

– Listen to me, ma’am. Yos I am a very old man, I am over 90 years old and for weeks I have noticed that death approaches me. I have so much money that I do not even know what to do with it. But, in my long life, I have committed terrible acts so that I will be punished after my death. When I die, I will go to hell if I do not find a pure and holy soul to show me the way to the heavenly paradise. I will give you all I have, I will put all my properties to your name if you take this cyanide capsule half an hour after my burial. If you do, your children will not go hungry, they will not be evicted from your house and I will find your soul in the beyond and show me the way to the Parisian DO YOU ACCEPT?

Laura hesitated for a moment, but the touch of her children’s hands on her own made all her doubts disappear. I ACCEPT, Laura answered and took the cyanide capsule from Frank K’s hand and carefully placed it in the pocket of her T-shirt, next to her heart.

For a few months, Laura was happy. For the first time in her life she could squander the money and buy all the whims that appealed to her. She paid her creditors and gave dozens of toys to her children.

But on the cold afternoon of Halloween Eve, a servant of Frank K dressed all in black knocked on the door of Laura’s house. The servant informed Luisa that Frank K had died suddenly that same afternoon and that he would be buried in the old cemetery at the end of Halloween night and the beginning of the day of all saints. And remembered that Lucia had a deal with the late Mr. Frank K that she should respect or her children would not get even a penny more of the fortune of Frank K

Laura did not need to be reminded, she knew exactly what to do for her children. And she suspected that Frank K’s death was no accident, that he had chosen this day and that moment to be buried

Laura attended the funeral, sat down in the backseat of Frank K’s car and pulled the cyanide bottle from her small pouch beside her heart. She prayed for protection and remembering her little children drank the contents of the bottle. The taste was sweet and pleasant. She felt the liquid flow down his neck to her stomach. Then she felt her eyes close as the dream filled her. She tried not to cry, but she could not. Her last sensation in life was the taste of her own tears that seeped into her mouth. Then the silence and the darkness had found her dead.

Later on the morning of all saints’ day, a huge car of death-black paint parked in front of Laura’s house. From there Frank’s servant came down, circled the car, and opened the right rear door. She came down, dressed in mourning, Mrs. Laura.

As soon as her children saw her, they ran to embrace her. “Mom, Mom, we’ve missed you so much. You were very sad, we were afraid something had happened to you. – I have not felt so good in years. From now on I will always be at your side. You will not miss anything, I will make you happy. To begin with, we are moving to a much larger house, to Mr. K.’s house. Catching the children by the hand she took them inside the car to start a new life.

A new life like the one Frank K had started that night. On Halloween night, the spirits can walk the earth, that’s why he had chosen that moment to be buried. Frank K forced his own death, waited to be buried and attended his own funeral, in his spiritual form walked among the living without their being aware of his presence. There he could see who were crying and who were laughing when they buried his corpse.

He had to wait for the moment, but he felt that time was running out, the demons of hell would soon reclaim his soul. The night of Halloween was over, now they would start looking for him to condemn his soul to eternal suffering. He directed his spirit into the backseat of his own car. There he waited for his faithful servant to take Mrs. Laura. Patiently he watched Laura settle into the backseat of the car. Although he listened as the demons of death sought him, he did not fret. Laura opened the bottle and drank the contents. The demons had almost reached him and would soon drag his soul into hell.

Laura at that moment died and saw how her soul came out of body. A moment after her death Laura realized that her spirit was a great white cloud in a dark world, beside her was another white cloud, and Laura knew at once that the white cloud was the spirit of Frank K, But she also felt a great cold and terror as she noticed the demons of death approaching to drag the spirit of Frank k to hell. She tried to communicate with Frank and tell him to follow her, that she knew the way to heaven, but that they should do it before they were caught. Then she could hear the voice of Fran K’s spirit telling her,


Immediately, the white cloud that was Frank K leaked through all the pores of her dying body and she could see the eyes of Laura’s body opened, how her breast inflated and how she breathed again. It was the last contact she came to have with the world of the living, immediately noticed cold, strong, black hands that grabbed her and pushed her to hell.

Shrill voices hammered in her brain. “Frank K, you’re going to pay for all the infamous acts you’ve done in life.” And she knew they were telling her.

Because she was Frank K


The Owner of the Pawn House – Pact TG

Renata stared as I tweaked her lips to the mirror of my pawnshop.

Renata was the daughter of one of the richest men in the country, but also a bereaved and a mad head without remedy. On one night, she could spend $ 2000 or $ 3000 only on drinks invitations.

For her father, it was not much money, but he was ending his patience. Renata was her only heiress and wanted her to learn what it costs him to make money. That’s why he took VISA cards from her and gave her a small amount of money per week for expenses. But Renata was not willing to change her way of life and limit her spending.

That’s when I met her. When she became my best client. Every two or three days, Renata would enter my shop with some valuable object to pawn, first it was a gold watch, then a necklace of diamonds, later pendant, a car and even bags of valuable marks. I had no problem paying above the market price because I knew that Renata would never return to retrieve the items.

Renata had become my best client and continued for 3 or 4 months until one day she came into my shop, called me aside and made the strangest proposal I had ever heard.

She told me that she needed $ 350000 and that she had nothing left to pawn, but that she offered me something even more valuable. She took out the “rings of change” from her purse and told me that with these rings we could change bodies and that offered to keep her body as a guarantee that she would return the money with interests. I am a man over 60, who was never handsome and also grew up in a poor family, so I accepted his offer without a moment’s thought.

In a few seconds we had changed our bodies,  I had picked up her identity documents, stood on her high heels, reviewed my makeup before the glass of my store and went to Renata’s house where I was going to live, at least until she Get the money. As a supplementary guarantee I took the rings to ensure that Renata did not sell them in another store.

Until that moment, Renata had not recovered any material pawned and doubted very much that this was the first time. With my old body and without VISA cards it is practically impossible for her to get the money. Just in case, I, the daughter of one of the richest men in the country, I will talk to the directors of the bank branches so that no one will grant her a loan.

In one month, the term of return will have ended and this body and this life will be mine forever.