Ruud & Anneke- Another Love Story – Change of Body Bodyswap



TEXT (Sorry for my bad english):


Anneke was very handsome and she knew it. She liked to boast about it and seduce men who were hopelessly trapped by her beauty. But she had never hurt anyone.

However, everything changed a few days ago.

I had always been a fat, clumsy boy whom everyone rejected, all except Ruud, whom I should always be grateful for. Ruud had the power of possession of spirit. He was able to change his body with another person and stay to live the life of the person possessed.

It was a wonderful but self-destructive power. The spirit of Ruud suffered terribly in every possession, he felt that the soul was getting old and if the possession happened in an inadequate body, Ruud ran the risk of dying between great pains.

Since Ruud had owned Aldert’s body we had lived together happily. I was Aldert’s roommate and I was Ruud’s lover when he lived in his body. I was not homosexual, but the charm of Ruud was irresistible and I began to behave as if I were also to be by his side. Ruud did not seem to care about my physical appearance and enjoyed our romantic encounters. Over time I discovered that Ruud was not homosexual either, but he loved me so much that he changed his body with Aldert to be by my side. I also learned that Aldert’s body was corrosive to him, every day he suffered more to maintain his control, the pains were enormous and his soul was increasingly weakened. But Ruud was willing to die in that body for being by my side.


At that time Anneke began to show herself as the whore she was meant to be. I did not know, I simply enjoyed the attention of the most beautiful girl in the city that by some curious whim of fate seemed attracted by someone as repellent as I was. From the beginning she tried to destroy my relationship with Ruud. This girl who had always ignored me started calling me on the phone every day proposing appointments and going to parties together.

At first I did not accept it out of fear that it would hurt me, but little by little I ceased to be suspicious of such a strange and sudden love, and I fell victim to its tricks. Taking advantage of the fact that I trusted her, one day she invited me to a private dinner at her house. Dining with Anneke was the golden dream of all the boys in the neighborhood and, interestingly enough, she offered it to me, to someone who did not greet the oldest and ugly women. And despite the weirdness of the situation I was so dumb that I accepted the offer.

When the day of the rendezvous came, Ruud was more sad and thoughtful than ever, he only spoke to me to tell me that he accepted anything that made me illusive, and that if I were happy he would be too. And he offered to take me in his own car to Anneke’s house.

We left early, he stopped the car near the entrance of her house and opened the door of his vehicle. I said goodbye to him and went into Anneke’s house, when I walked away I thought I saw him cry.

Anneke behaved like the lady she appeared to be.

The night was perfect, we ate little but drank lots of champagne. That’s when she asked me to undress. I could not believe such luck, it was too good what was happening to me. Without waiting for her to repeat it, I began to take off my clothes. I was almost naked when Anneke came and screamed.. Suddenly appeared 4 or 5 colleagues from the University with video cameras and taking pictures of me while they laughed. The noise was thunderous, but the one that made me cry was Anneke’s laughter.

Half-dressed I ran out of his house and in the street I met Ruud, who had decided to stay all night to take me home when I returned from the appointment. Between sobs I told him what had happened to me and how much I hated Anneke. Then he put his hands on my head, for a moment I noticed the world revolving around me and when it stopped moving I discovered that I had changed my body with Ruud.

He looked at me seriously and told me, it is not Anneke who has damaged you.



Ruud had not finished saying this, when we heard the laughter of the university comrades coming out of Anneke’s house making mockery of my photos and videos.

Without further thought, Jenkin raged through Anneke’s still-open door.

The fat man has returned, grinning Anneke.

-Do you want me to laugh even more at you?

-You will not laugh at anyone else, you do not deserve Anneke’s body. I do not know who you are, but I know you have the power to change souls.

-You ask me?

Someone stole my body so that Ruud could be with you, but he left me in a body that had the power to change bodies and I used it to change with Anneke and take revenge on you and Ruud

-I’m not the one I look like

  • So, who are you? Aldert asked as Ruud grabbed his head with both hands

-I am you

The apartment seemed to revolve around both body changers. And when it stopped the two fell to the ground. At that moment I entered. Aldert looked dead in my body and Anneke from the floor asked me to take her hand. I did it like that. With watery eyes, Ruud told me that a soul changer can never own another soul changer. Their bodies are rejected as the negative poles of two magnets. He told me that he felt close to death, but that before he died he wanted to do me one last favor. I got on my knees, released my hand and grabbed my head. Again I felt the room move around me.

When everything stopped, I was on the ground, looking at Aldert’s body, vomiting blood.

-I wanted to die in the body where I loved you so much.

I put my hand to my chest and touched Anneke’s breasts. My hands were thin and delicate, my hair long and blond. I was Anneke

-But I’m dying happy. I leave you in a body with which you can love all the men you want and so beautiful that you can choose between them. I could not stand the tears anymore and bringing my mouth closer to his gave him the first straight kiss of my life. It was the most intense, the most meaningful and also the last one I gave him. Because before I lifted my lips Ruud died.


It’s been over 4 years since that kiss. In Anneke’s body I began a new life, I got my doctorate in law, I was elected Queen of the graduation party and I started working as a lawyer.

My life would have been perfect had it not been for the detail that I never wanted to love any man or woman out of respect for Ruud’s memory.

Until one day a man approached me, for which I immediately felt physical and psychic attraction. I do not understand the reason, but just after he introduced himself I wished to kiss him as I had kissed Ruud that last time. Then I knew why.

  • You have my body, I am Anneke, and the man in Ruud’s body robbed me of the body in which you now live.

I told him the sad story of the death of Jenken and Aldert. Anneke shook his head and said, -I do not care. I like being a man and making love to girls as beautiful as you. Would you like to fuck me? He caressed my breasts and continued. I warn you that body I know perfectly well and that I can make you feel things that you can not even dream of. I smiled and asked him to show it to me.

I knew that I had found the body of Ruud’s birth and living in it was the man of my life.