The Suicide – Tg Pact

Mark was a coward. He was unable to fight for his life and for the sake of the people who loved him. Had climbed onto the terrace and his legs were hanging in the void. I could not let him fall.

With tears in my eyes begged him not to do it.

He looked at me sadly and told me that there are lives that are worth nothing and that his live, now, worthless. Looked back into the abyss he was sitting on, bent his back, moved his head forward, and let go of his hands.

Running I tried to grab it, but he straightened up again and looked at me with hatred.

–              Do not touch me. Do not even go near me or I’ll throw myself. You told me that you loved me, that would do anything for me, but you just wanted to steal my man’s life and leave me abandoned in your woman’s body.

I stood still and raised my arms so he knew was not going to use them and that begged his forgiveness.

– You tricked me, he shouted. You did not want me. You are a traitor and a thief.

He let go of his hands again. He looked again into the void and I knew that this time he was going to jump. I could only do one thing and did it. I closed my eyes and concentrated on Mark’s image. Imagined him hugging me, kissing me, felt his lips, felt his saliva in my mouth, felt like I swallowed it with my soul in her, felt the hair of my old body in the back again and the weight of the breasts, again, in my body. I opened my eyes and was back in my old body, on the body sitting on the edge of the abyss.

Mark in his true body turned to look at me with hatred.

– You did not love me, you just wanted to steal my body. That’s why you exchanged with me. And when you got it you went away from me.

– I love you more than anyone. Love you so much that I was willing to give my life for you. Your body has cancer and will die in a few days. That’s why I left, was looking for a cure, but it was late, the cancer is too widespread. I had chosen to die in your body so that you would live in it mine.

Mark began to suffer the pain caused by the cancer that ran through his veins and the enormous weakness that caused him and knew that everything I had told him was true. Had only a few days to live, perhaps weeks of agony and dreadfuls suffering. And he felt panic, was a coward. Went to the edge of the rooftop and he jumped.

I stayed crying, expected a long life, but doubted I could enjoy it without the love of my life. A life that was no sense without Mark, I looked at the void and felt like jumping.

A Very Curious Heritage – Cursed Object

Clara was the lucky one that got the best part in inheritanceof its grandfather Raphael. She did not care that her sisters would have got the money and properties of the grandfather, because she was the one who got the grandfather’s magic box. The grandfather had been a very strange type. Since he was young he had dedicated  to study the magical arts and being very young reached the power to exchange bodies. People could not believe it, it was impossible for anyone to change their bodies with another person, but Clara had seen women, 5-year-olds, muscular men and even a government president say that they were actually Raphael in another body. There had been many people with whom Grandfather Raphael had exchanged, and all of them had told Clara that she was his favorite granddaughter and that they were going to make him the most important gift of his life.

But, for more than a year nothing had been known about Grandpa. Until one day a letter arrived announcing that he had found the perfect body to live in, that he no longer intended to abandon him and that would let his body of birth die. He had prepared the inheritance for the people he met in his previous life but the most important gift was to be left to his granddaughter Clara.

That’s why Clara was happy with Grandfather’s box. When she opened it she found a large glass jar inside and a note that read: “Inside this jar are my powers to change body, when you open it will enter your body and will be yours forever”

But Clara did not open the jar until she returned to her house and locked herself in her room, she did not want to share the grandfather’s treasure with anyone. When uncovering the jar a blue glow illuminated it. Clara knew that a great power was inside it and that it could be hers forever. When she had it she would not fear anyone, everyone would obey her. Curious, she leaned her head closer to the jar to catch it and noticed the light came out of the jar and entering through her mouth and nose, down it her lungs and slowly filling her body. Felt like a great power invaded her body. The sensations were magnificent. She could feel her arms strengthening, her legs quicker. Thought that she had become such a powerful being that could master magic just by her desire and wanted to scream with satisfaction. But her mouth would not open, her arms were rigid and her legs began to move alone, without being able to control theml. Then she heard her own voice say: “At last I have found the ideal body to die, your body Clara, my dear little granddaughter. For decades I have exchanged my body while taking advantage of the curiosity and ambition of my victims. ”

Clara could no longer control her body, which began to masturbate on the bed. She still felt the orgasms of pleasure that her hands caused when running over her sex. Slowly the sensations were less strong, until she felt nothing, then clouded her eyes and could not see anything. In her last seconds of consciousness she heard the last words of her grandfather: “Thanks for the body, Clara. I promise to take care of him as well as you did. But do not worry, you will not be a passenger in your own body. Soon, you will  sleep until the day of our death. “Clara noticed the words growing weaker and weaker until she could hear nothing. Then she felt sleepy and sloooooowly she fall asleep.

Lost Memories – Body Thief

I could not escape. Jane’s brothers had cornered me. I could not understand that had failed, as they had realized that I was not Jane. But, maybe they had not realized I was not Jane.

A week ago, I had changed my body with Jane. It seemed an easy goal, perhaps too easy. One Sunday morning I found her in a dark alley. The first thing I thought of when saw her was that Jane had spent a Saturday night partying and was so drunk that had made the wrong way home. I am a body changer, once a year I can exchange my body for someone else’s. And Jane was so handsome, so young and was such a lonely place that thought she was the ideal target to steal her body. When made the change was surprised that I did not notice any symptoms of drunkenness in Jane’s body. I was not drunk. But the strangest thing was her face of joy after the change. I had just changed my male body over 50 years old for her beautiful 25 year old female body and instead of being angry or surprised she was thanking me. Could not believe it, but Jane seemed happy being a man, even helped me to stand up and thanking me again went running to her new life. I went to Jane’s house and there met her brothers. They were very nice. They welcomed me with great joy: They asked me where had been and seemed worried about my health. Then they took me to Jane’s bedroom, now my bedroom, and told me to rest that they would take care of everything.

For a week I thought I was right to steal Jane’s life. She had no economical problems, Jane had just graduated in medicine and now, I was a doctor, she did not have a boyfriend, and even though she was an orphan, Jane’s brothers took care of me and was fulfilled all my wishes.

Little by little I was getting access to Jane’s memoirs. Remembered her choice as the graduation queen, the disappearance of her boyfriend, the sudden suicide of her parents. But there was something that was blocked in her memory. I could not get access to part of her memories And that was something that could be a big problem if I wanted to have Jane’s life.

The next Saturday afternoon, I was getting ready to go to the disco, when suddenly I began to recover the lost memories of Jane. Its were terrible. Frightened, I left the house, looking for a place to hide. My new siblings saw me leave the house and followed me. I started to panic and ran desperately. I just wanted to hide and suddenly found myself in the same alley where I found jane a week ago. I hid in the same place where she hid. But this time it was not a stranger who found Jane, was found by her brothers. Could not escape, was trapped, when Jane’s brothers approached. I saw them loosen their belts and lower their pants.

Now I remembered it all clearly, incest and the violations his brothers made to Jane. The violence with which they made their old boyfriend disappear when he wanted to report them to the police and how they killed their parents when they tried to stop them. Now that I am Jane, I have a sexy body and live in the same house tyhat my two incestuous killers brothers. They would never let me escape.

Astral Projection – Bodyswap

Sit in front of me and do whatever I tell you.

You’re going to have the biggest surprise of your life. Nothing that you have lived can be compared to what you are going to live now. When we are finished, you will have reached the experience and wisdom of the great masters. Cross your legs like me and cover your eyes, I will also cover mine

Now, You must think that nothing is real between the things that surround you, there are no neighbors, no friends, no parents, no sisters, no children. Think that there is only you and my voice you and must concentrate on doing everything I tell you.

Now there is nothing. Only you exist, everything around you is false except my voice. Concentrate on the breath, it is becoming slower and deeper. You realize that your pulse is stopping, your lungs are slowing down more and more until they are stopped, also stops your heart. You are feeling well and you notice that your soul can leave your body. Slowly your soul comes out of your body, first one leg, then the other, now both arms and then the body. You can pull out your head. You are happy and you can float over our bodies. Count to 50 five times and return to the empty body.

1 … 47, 48, 49 and 50. I felt good, I had no human limitations. 2 … 47, 48, 49 and 50 I could fly like a bird. 3 … 47, 48, 49 and 50. It’s a wonderful feeling, but I do not feel that I had attained wisdom. 4 … 47, 48, 49 and 50. This experience has not served me, have to wait for the account to end and to I will return to my life. 5 … 47, 48, 49 and 50.

I can not go back to my body. What’s wrong? My body is rising … and it is laughing

You are an idiot, Lana, you should not have let your soul out of your body, when your older, wiser teacher is going to do the same. To steal your life, I only had to leave my body and enter yours that was empty and abandoned. In the meantime, you were mading stupid counts, while your soul floated in nothingness. Now your beautiful female body is mine. And if you want to live, you will have to do it in my male, old and arthritic body. If you do not it,  you will become a soul in lost wandering in the void of the disincarnated.