The Blue Haired Girl – Change Rings

TEXT, (Sorry for my bad english):

Every day I went up to the roof where I changed bodies with Angelika just in case that day came back

My life was no big deal, a mundane job, a common physique, and a failed marriage. I was about 50 years old and lived with the frustration of never being able to have children. It had been more than 2 years since Anette, my wife, had asked for a divorce. They were the worst days of my life and I felt like dying when they handed me the papers that put an end to my marriage. I still loved Annette, but she had never forgiven me that she could not have been a mother because of me and I accepted the break for pure love, so that she could be happier with someone else.

After the break I had a lot of free time and volunteered to help children who also needed company. I worked comforting abandoned children in an orphanage. I looked for food and medicines and helped them endure such a hard life. In that place was where I met Angelika, a beautiful and sad girl who had the habit of painting her hair blue. Maybe she did it out of eccentricity or maybe because she needed to draw attention to her lonely life.

Of all the children in the orphanage, I dedicated my love especially, perhaps because I saw her most in need or perhaps because she made me feel what a father should feel for his daughter. I dedicated all my efforts to try to brighten her beautiful face and to smile and to know that there were people who loved her and who would be willing to do anything for her. Little by little, I gained her trust and affection, bought her ice cream, gave her gifts, and took her for a walk in the city. One day, on one of her walks, I saw Anette sitting weeping on a park bench. I did not dare to approach, but Angelika noticed my embarrassment and she asked me: “Who is that woman, and why are you so serious? “Holding her tears, I told her that not only did she have a sad life, I was sad because I had not been able to make Anette happy by giving her a daughter. Angelika was thoughtful for a while and she replied that she was very sorry and that the three of us, Anette, me and herself, deserved to be happy and that someday we would be.

It was funny, but I had gone out with Angelika to relieve it and it turned out that she relieved me.

I realized how good that girl was and knew I would do anything for her.


Days and months passed. And one rainy April morning I went back to the orphanage and I found myself again, with Angelika, who this time surprised me because it was the first time I saw her smile and also appeared to be happy. She told me she knew how to make me never be serious again, but to get it we should change our bodies. I looked at her strangely, even thought she had gone mad. But the girl took some rusty rings from the pocket of her trousers and told me that they were the rings of change and that they would allow us to change our bodies. I knew Angelika too well to know when she was joking or telling the truth, and this time everything she told was true. We climbed the roof of the orphanage so that no one would bother us and at the same time we put the ring on one of the fingers of the left hand. In less than a second we had changed our bodies and I looked up to see the smiling face of my old body. Angelika leaned over to me and stroking my hair told me to wait for her, that she would soon return.

It had been more than three months since the change of bodies and still had not lost hope, continued climbing to the roof with the illusion of seeing her return. But it did not happen until today that was when I saw her appear at the end of the street walking quickly. But she did not come alone, holding her hand and looking at her affectionately, Anette was smiling. They entered the orphanage and I nervously waited for him to climb to the roof. But he did not. Instead, the director of the orphanage came up and told me to go down to her office that had important news for me.

When I entered the director’s office I found Anette and Angelika in my body, sitting on a couch and still holding hands. Angelika with my voice told me that they wanted to adopt me, that they had reconciled and that now they were a happy marriage.

Angelika’s beautiful face lit up and I smiled with her mouth as I replied that I was happy to be her daughter.

We were already leaving for Anette’s house, when Angelika gently grabbed my shoulder and led me to a secluded room. There she told me that had brought the rings and if I wanted we could change the body right now. She told me that since she had been a woman for most of her life knew how to make another woman happy, and that Anette, now, was also a happy woman. And that seeing Anette happy made her happy too. I told him that I did not want to change my body, that the three of us were happy the way we were now and that I was also frustrated, even though I had not been able to be a father, in the future I would be a mother.

At no point did I stop smiling when we left the orphanage. Life is wonderful for me and my parents, dreams are sometimes fulfilled.

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