Fidelity – Non Human

TEXT (Sorry for my bad english):

Marta was in a hurry to have breakfast. Her boyfriend was about to arrive to accompany her to high school. Suddenly she felt everything spinning around her, dizzy fell to the ground and when she got up she felt weak and tired. She looked at her hands and they were old. In the kitchen she heard her own voice calling her. There was her body, sitting in the sink and with a sarcastic and cruel look.

Listen to me, Marta. You had the bad luck that I chose your body to change lives, but you have the good fortune that it will not be forever. If you collaborate this possession will last at most 4 or 5 years and then I will return your body. If you do not collaborate I will never return this body and leave you like the old arthritic you are now.

You’re going to tell me what your boyfriend’s name and phone number are.

I will never tell you, you can not steal my body and my life

Tell me or I take this bottle of poison and after taking it I change body again with you

No, please do not do that. It is my body and my life. His name is Juan A R and his phone. It’s 6565 ***** but he’ll never believe you.

We’ll see, now you tell me the passwords of your Facebook, twiter and Instagram or I call Juan to tell him that his best friend is fucking me and I do not want to know anything else about him. Then tell me which are your best friends, where you keep the money you take away from your dad and advise me to dress for the graduation party. If you cheat me on something I will upload pornographic photos and videos of you to the Internet.

I’m going to have a lot of fun.

At that moment the doorbell rang. Marta, in her clumsy old body ran to the door, opened it and hugged Juan – Juan, I am Marta, I do not know what happens, but I have changed the body for this old and clumsy.

Juan stroked his gray head and said, “I know.” We’ll have to do something. That’s why I brought this dog.

Then he looked at the old body of Marta and said: “I told you that she was not going to cooperate and that she would betray you right away. That’s why I brought the dog to change his body with her. You will see how this pooch is faithful and will not betray us. The next thing Marta knew was that she was on all fours, with a muzzle in her mouth and a chain around her neck. Meanwhile, the old body of Carlos licked the hand of the new Marta.

Releasing the Ghost from the Mansion – Exorcism

Many years ago, Emily had been the lady of the mansion. A woman of astounding beauty, who married for money with the duke of “El Río.” The duke had always doubted his wife’s fidelity until one afternoon he returned from his hunting party sooner than expected. And he found his wife fucking two servants. Unable to bear the anger, he loaded the shotgun, aimed at Emily’s head and killed his wife with two shots.

Since then, Emily’s ghost wanders through the dilapidated house of her husband’s mansion, and at dusk the spirit of her husband is visible, carrying the shotgun and shooting her in the head for two times.

That’s how it’s been for decades and that’s how it would be if I did not avoid it. I am a powerful exorcist who can free the spirits and make them return to their eternal rest. But this time I did not want to do it for free, I was going to have Emily pay me with the magic of the spirits.

I will free you if you fulfill my desire, you will never have to wander this ruined house again, I told the ghost. “What do you want?” She answered. I want you to use the magic that keeps you alive to transform my body into that of a woman as beautiful as you.

– It’s done, she replied

I noticed my body mutate into a copy of Emily’s body in life. I became a beauty of pale skin and dark hair. With my new eyes I could see how my dress changed into the one Emily wore when she was murdered. “-

– You have done your part of the deal, you can go, I said.

Emily’s spirit crossed the ruined mansion door and left. Through the large windows I could see her walking away … but … but … it was not her, it was me, it was my body. Desperate, I tried to get out, to chase after her, but I could not leave the house. Some strange curse prevented me. Suddenly I heard a big slam door, a few steps approaching and I saw Emily’s husband enter my room, carried the hunting shotgun, opened it, loaded it and pointed me to the head…

Mario Always Keeps his Promises – Blackmail TG

Years ago I was following Mario, a strange being with the power to change his body with another person. But that day everything was going to change, I knew who his last person he had owned and where to capture him. Mario seemed to have found the ideal body to live, for more than a year that did not change, he must love his last body because he did not want to leave. Now I could stop him simply by threatening his present body, Carla’s body. With my police badge and my gun, I went to Carla’s residence. I kicked the door and went into his apartment. There was Carla masturbating in front of the mirror. I aimed the gun at his head and said:

– Mario, you are stopped Mario did not even try to hide his authentic personality. He looked straight into my eyes and said, -“You’re a cop, but you have not come to lock me up in jail.”

– I am old, I have spent my whole life working and deserve a better life. I know you’ve never broken a promise. If you promise to change my body to that of a young and healthy person I’ll let you go. Mario smiled coldly and told me. – I promise! I knew Mario never lies, but to let him go I demanded a guarantee that would force him back. As a guarantee that he would keep his promise, I forced him to change Carla’s body with mine. He seemed very hurt to leave Carla’s beautiful body, but he had no other choice if did not want me to harm Carla. So, he accepted to change his body with me. For a moment my vision blurred, but the disorientation did not last long, in a few seconds I saw him again and I could see my old body before me.

Mario made many grimaces of displeasure at being in my old, aching body. In the meantime. I enjoyed the wonderful sensations that Carla’s body imparted to me.

– I love being Carla, I want to die in that body, so take care of it because this afternoon I will return to recover it. Shaking my head, I accepted what Mario told me and he left. I stayed in Carla’s body and continued to masturbate her in the same way that Mario did when I found him.

Mario returned that same afternoon, but I did not notice because I was masturbating again, so I was surprised. He came up on my back, grabbed my head and said in my ear, – I come in your new body, so let’s change, I can not wait to be Carla again. Without waiting for my answer, Mario changed his body again with me. Just the moment Mario returned to control Carla’s body, he took the head of my new body and dragged me to the mirror.

Look at this beautiful face, it’s yours. You must accept who you are now. A beautiful, intelligent woman with a wonderful future. I have done my deal, now you must allow me to leave.

– But but…. It’s a woman’s body and besides … You can not leave me in this body.

– Of course I can and I have done it because it was what we had agreed. Encourage yourself thinking that much worse than you are suffering the girl who lived in that body and who is now an old, clumsy and idiot cop

– But this is my daughter’s body. You have stolen my daughter’s body, you have put me in her body and her in mine.

– That’s why I wanted your body, to know who she was and where to find your daughter. From now on, call her daddy because she knows what you’ve done and she’s going to hate you for a lifetime. Be prepared to live with an abusive parent.