The Suicide – Tg Pact

Mark was a coward. He was unable to fight for his life and for the sake of the people who loved him. Had climbed onto the terrace and his legs were hanging in the void. I could not let him fall.

With tears in my eyes begged him not to do it.

He looked at me sadly and told me that there are lives that are worth nothing and that his live, now, worthless. Looked back into the abyss he was sitting on, bent his back, moved his head forward, and let go of his hands.

Running I tried to grab it, but he straightened up again and looked at me with hatred.

–              Do not touch me. Do not even go near me or I’ll throw myself. You told me that you loved me, that would do anything for me, but you just wanted to steal my man’s life and leave me abandoned in your woman’s body.

I stood still and raised my arms so he knew was not going to use them and that begged his forgiveness.

– You tricked me, he shouted. You did not want me. You are a traitor and a thief.

He let go of his hands again. He looked again into the void and I knew that this time he was going to jump. I could only do one thing and did it. I closed my eyes and concentrated on Mark’s image. Imagined him hugging me, kissing me, felt his lips, felt his saliva in my mouth, felt like I swallowed it with my soul in her, felt the hair of my old body in the back again and the weight of the breasts, again, in my body. I opened my eyes and was back in my old body, on the body sitting on the edge of the abyss.

Mark in his true body turned to look at me with hatred.

– You did not love me, you just wanted to steal my body. That’s why you exchanged with me. And when you got it you went away from me.

– I love you more than anyone. Love you so much that I was willing to give my life for you. Your body has cancer and will die in a few days. That’s why I left, was looking for a cure, but it was late, the cancer is too widespread. I had chosen to die in your body so that you would live in it mine.

Mark began to suffer the pain caused by the cancer that ran through his veins and the enormous weakness that caused him and knew that everything I had told him was true. Had only a few days to live, perhaps weeks of agony and dreadfuls suffering. And he felt panic, was a coward. Went to the edge of the rooftop and he jumped.

I stayed crying, expected a long life, but doubted I could enjoy it without the love of my life. A life that was no sense without Mark, I looked at the void and felt like jumping.

Lost Memories – Body Thief

I could not escape. Jane’s brothers had cornered me. I could not understand that had failed, as they had realized that I was not Jane. But, maybe they had not realized I was not Jane.

A week ago, I had changed my body with Jane. It seemed an easy goal, perhaps too easy. One Sunday morning I found her in a dark alley. The first thing I thought of when saw her was that Jane had spent a Saturday night partying and was so drunk that had made the wrong way home. I am a body changer, once a year I can exchange my body for someone else’s. And Jane was so handsome, so young and was such a lonely place that thought she was the ideal target to steal her body. When made the change was surprised that I did not notice any symptoms of drunkenness in Jane’s body. I was not drunk. But the strangest thing was her face of joy after the change. I had just changed my male body over 50 years old for her beautiful 25 year old female body and instead of being angry or surprised she was thanking me. Could not believe it, but Jane seemed happy being a man, even helped me to stand up and thanking me again went running to her new life. I went to Jane’s house and there met her brothers. They were very nice. They welcomed me with great joy: They asked me where had been and seemed worried about my health. Then they took me to Jane’s bedroom, now my bedroom, and told me to rest that they would take care of everything.

For a week I thought I was right to steal Jane’s life. She had no economical problems, Jane had just graduated in medicine and now, I was a doctor, she did not have a boyfriend, and even though she was an orphan, Jane’s brothers took care of me and was fulfilled all my wishes.

Little by little I was getting access to Jane’s memoirs. Remembered her choice as the graduation queen, the disappearance of her boyfriend, the sudden suicide of her parents. But there was something that was blocked in her memory. I could not get access to part of her memories And that was something that could be a big problem if I wanted to have Jane’s life.

The next Saturday afternoon, I was getting ready to go to the disco, when suddenly I began to recover the lost memories of Jane. Its were terrible. Frightened, I left the house, looking for a place to hide. My new siblings saw me leave the house and followed me. I started to panic and ran desperately. I just wanted to hide and suddenly found myself in the same alley where I found jane a week ago. I hid in the same place where she hid. But this time it was not a stranger who found Jane, was found by her brothers. Could not escape, was trapped, when Jane’s brothers approached. I saw them loosen their belts and lower their pants.

Now I remembered it all clearly, incest and the violations his brothers made to Jane. The violence with which they made their old boyfriend disappear when he wanted to report them to the police and how they killed their parents when they tried to stop them. Now that I am Jane, I have a sexy body and live in the same house tyhat my two incestuous killers brothers. They would never let me escape.

Risky Investments- (Second Part) – Body Thief



A few days ago I made a caption titled ” Risky Investments”.

My friend J *** proposed to me to do a continuation with countdown clock (also), with body changer (also) and with poison (also).

The challenge was quite difficult, I almost had to repeat the caption I had done previously.

I have not been able to use the same characters, but I have used others very similar.

I hope have overcome the challenge.


In this url you can see the original caption:

Risky Investments – First Part



When Jane invited me for a drink, I assumed she was not doing me a favor. As she filled it, I saw her hand shaking, her forehead sweating, I was sure, Jane wanted to kill me. That bottle not only had champagne, it was also full of poison.

Since I met jean knew she would try to kill me, so I hired a detective to follow her everywhere. The detective investigated her for weeks until he discovered that Jane had bought a powerful poison and he handed me a sample capsule with the venom and another with the antidote.

Jane thought she had maneuvered for us to meet, but she was wrong, I was the one who forced a seemingly fortuitous encounter. Although, the truth is that I did not want to meet her, I wanted to meet Tom, the body changer who had possessed Jane for more than a year. Tom was an unclean being who robbed the body of the most beautiful women, used them to have relations with millionaires, then killed these and was left with his fortune. Being by his side was a big risk, but it was worth it.

Jane was the most beautiful woman I had met, also the most intelligent, and since Tom possessed her she was also the most ambitious. That’s why she had married me. She did not love me, she did not want me, she only aspired for my money. I was an old man, I did not think had much time to live, but Jane was not going to wait my natural death to put her hands on my money.

Slowly I took the glass and looked at Jane with sad eyes: “Jane, you know that I have always loved you, that I will leave you all my property in my inheritance. And I suspect that tonight you’ll try to hurt me, want you to show me that you love me, I want you to prove me wrong and give me one last kiss, even if it’s a farewell. “Jane approached, put her arms around me, opened her mouth and joined it to mine. For a few seconds I drank her saliva, played with her tongue and she corresponded passionately. The kiss lasted until Jane noticed  that had swallowed a capsule that was under my tongue. She spread her mouth from mine and put her hands to throat. “What have you done?” She asked, frightened. “You just swallowed a capsule of the same poison you put in the bottle.” I lifted the glass and looked at it. “Hardly noticeable, no one would say that it has 10 mg of one of the most powerful poisons on the market. I drank the contents of the glass in one gulp and threw it against the wall. We have 30 minutes left to die, but I have the antidote.”

Only 30 minutes left

Pleased I watched as the color of Jane’s face changed of pure fear. She looked at me with wide eyes, tried to say something intelligent, but could only say: “Assassin, Assassin, Assassin …”

I began to notice the first symptoms of the poison, I felt the fingers of my hands was losing sensitivity.

20 minutes left

Jane tried to attack me, but I was still stronger and faster than her, dodged her. Even if you knock me down you would never find the antidote capsule. I’m not carrying it.

Time went by fast, only 15 minutes left.

Jane collapsed in the armchair, she was thoughtful. And said, “ You know? I loved this body, I liked being Jane. But what you do not know is that I can exchange our bodies and make you die in mine. Tell me where you have the antidote, we’ll share it, you’ll take one capsule, I’ll another and we’ll both live. I will remain Jane and leave forever. If you do not tell me where it is I will exchange my body with you, will read your memories, will know where the antidote is, I will take it, I will live and you will die in Jane’s body.”

Very little time left, only 10 minutes.

There is only one capsule, one of the two must die. You could exchange your body with me, but you would have to live in this old, clumsy body for months, maybe for years until you recharged the power and could exchange again. I do not think you want that.

– No, I do not want that, but if I have no choice, I will. And I want to make sure that you die in my body. It’s my revenge.

Jane grabbed the bottle of champagne and took a long drink, almost half. “Now you’re dead. As soon as I exchange our bodys I will be stronger than you, I will prevent you from taking the capsule and you will die.”

I’ll wait 3 minutes for the exchange, so you’ll have less time to react.The antidote must be near, you knew that I was going to poison you so you must have left the antidote in an easily accessible place in case you needed it.

5 minutes left

– No, it’s not far, it’s much closer than you think

Three minutes left.

Suddenly the world revolved around me, for a few seconds my eyes darkened, I lost my sight, the light returned, I opened my eyes and I saw Jane in my body with a malicious smile on her mouth.

She was trying to access my memoirs. She was trying to read my memories to know where I had hidden the antidote capsule.

Now I smiled, got up from the armchair, and walking awkwardly on Jane’s heels I approached her side.

“Thanks for the body.” I’m back to being young and beautiful, even a woman. Again I have gained in my risky bussines.”

Only one minute left

Jane’s smile disappeared from her face. At last she had been able to read my memories and knew where the antidote capsule was.

– It was not poison that you put in my mouth during the kiss, it was the capsule of the antidote that I swallowed.

– That’s right, I knew you’d want to insure my death on your body and you  would drink more poisoned champagne. Now your body is immunized against the poison and I will live in it, but you will die in mine.

I had just said this when Jane began to vomit blood and fell to the ground on her knees. Then she collapsed completely, she reached out and grabbed my left leg.

Then she died.

With disgust I took his hand off my leg, called the police and told them that my husband had suffered a heart attack and died suddenly. Of course no trace of poison was found at the autopsy. Jane had chosen the potion very well to kill herself.

Risky Investments – Body Thief

When I hired Susana, I knew that I did not hire the most expensive prostitute in the country, I was hiring the body changer who had owned it years ago.

I was a tired old man, but I had made a fortune in risky investments, and there was time to use it to get a new life and a better future.

There were only 30 minutes left when Susana arrived. Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

I did not waste time and I told her that I knew she was a body changer. I told her I did not know if her soul was that of a man or that of a woman, but that I knew that Susanna’s body was not hers and that she had stolen it years ago.

Only 20 minutes left, Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

I suggested to Susana that in exchange for her body I would give her an old but immensely rich body. She could have every whim she wanted, buy whatever she wanted, and whenever she wanted, she could use her power to get a healthier, younger body.

15 minutes left, Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

Susana did not seem convinced, her current body was too beautiful and too good for sex, she did not want to leave him. I poured her a glass of the most expensive champagne in my hold, and I promised to give her back her body whenever she wanted. She smiled at me with a sneer as she drank the champagne and said no.

Time was up, just 10 minutes Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

I offered her 200,000 dollars for a change of one week, so she could verify that my body was healthy and without physical defects.

Susana had realized my despair and she refused again.

The time was almost finished, 5 more minutes and everything would have finished Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

Susana did not want to agree with me. She did not want to leave her wonderful body. She wanted to go home. She asked me to take her back to the city. I told her to accompany me to my private garage.

I played my last card, a letter awakened, but that should work.

In the garage was a beautiful, newly purchased Bentley Bentayga. I took the keys from my jacket pocket and gave them to her. It’s yours, I’ll give it to you for coming to hear me. Do not worry about me, I’ll change my body with another girl who will be the new owner of all my properties.

Susana took the keys and got in the car, ripped it off and looked at me with a smile.

– I accept the change of body, now you are Susana. All yours is mine now. You can leave my villa with the Bentley.Suddenly the world spun around me. My eyes closed and I felt something grab my soul and pull it out of my body. When I could open my eyes again, I had trouble believing what was seeing. Susana’s hands, legs and white jacket worn by me. I could control Susana’s body. I WAS SUSANA. I looked at my reflection in the rearview mirror and I answered. – I’m not leaving, time is up. Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock At that moment my old body fell to the ground, rolling with its hands on its belly while it was pouring red blood-laden foam through its mouth. Seconds later my old body had passed away with the changer inside.It was close I thought. I had made my fortune with risky investments. And this was another risk investment. When Susana arrived, I took a capsule of enriched cyanide coated with a shield that dissolves in 30 minutes in the stomach. The risk was great, but the prize was huge. A risk operation in which I have won the body of Susana and I have not lost any of my properties.

Mario Always Keeps his Promises – Blackmail TG

Years ago I was following Mario, a strange being with the power to change his body with another person. But that day everything was going to change, I knew who his last person he had owned and where to capture him. Mario seemed to have found the ideal body to live, for more than a year that did not change, he must love his last body because he did not want to leave. Now I could stop him simply by threatening his present body, Carla’s body. With my police badge and my gun, I went to Carla’s residence. I kicked the door and went into his apartment. There was Carla masturbating in front of the mirror. I aimed the gun at his head and said:

– Mario, you are stopped Mario did not even try to hide his authentic personality. He looked straight into my eyes and said, -“You’re a cop, but you have not come to lock me up in jail.”

– I am old, I have spent my whole life working and deserve a better life. I know you’ve never broken a promise. If you promise to change my body to that of a young and healthy person I’ll let you go. Mario smiled coldly and told me. – I promise! I knew Mario never lies, but to let him go I demanded a guarantee that would force him back. As a guarantee that he would keep his promise, I forced him to change Carla’s body with mine. He seemed very hurt to leave Carla’s beautiful body, but he had no other choice if did not want me to harm Carla. So, he accepted to change his body with me. For a moment my vision blurred, but the disorientation did not last long, in a few seconds I saw him again and I could see my old body before me.

Mario made many grimaces of displeasure at being in my old, aching body. In the meantime. I enjoyed the wonderful sensations that Carla’s body imparted to me.

– I love being Carla, I want to die in that body, so take care of it because this afternoon I will return to recover it. Shaking my head, I accepted what Mario told me and he left. I stayed in Carla’s body and continued to masturbate her in the same way that Mario did when I found him.

Mario returned that same afternoon, but I did not notice because I was masturbating again, so I was surprised. He came up on my back, grabbed my head and said in my ear, – I come in your new body, so let’s change, I can not wait to be Carla again. Without waiting for my answer, Mario changed his body again with me. Just the moment Mario returned to control Carla’s body, he took the head of my new body and dragged me to the mirror.

Look at this beautiful face, it’s yours. You must accept who you are now. A beautiful, intelligent woman with a wonderful future. I have done my deal, now you must allow me to leave.

– But but…. It’s a woman’s body and besides … You can not leave me in this body.

– Of course I can and I have done it because it was what we had agreed. Encourage yourself thinking that much worse than you are suffering the girl who lived in that body and who is now an old, clumsy and idiot cop

– But this is my daughter’s body. You have stolen my daughter’s body, you have put me in her body and her in mine.

– That’s why I wanted your body, to know who she was and where to find your daughter. From now on, call her daddy because she knows what you’ve done and she’s going to hate you for a lifetime. Be prepared to live with an abusive parent.

Ruud & Anneke- Another Love Story – Change of Body Bodyswap



TEXT (Sorry for my bad english):


Anneke was very handsome and she knew it. She liked to boast about it and seduce men who were hopelessly trapped by her beauty. But she had never hurt anyone.

However, everything changed a few days ago.

I had always been a fat, clumsy boy whom everyone rejected, all except Ruud, whom I should always be grateful for. Ruud had the power of possession of spirit. He was able to change his body with another person and stay to live the life of the person possessed.

It was a wonderful but self-destructive power. The spirit of Ruud suffered terribly in every possession, he felt that the soul was getting old and if the possession happened in an inadequate body, Ruud ran the risk of dying between great pains.

Since Ruud had owned Aldert’s body we had lived together happily. I was Aldert’s roommate and I was Ruud’s lover when he lived in his body. I was not homosexual, but the charm of Ruud was irresistible and I began to behave as if I were also to be by his side. Ruud did not seem to care about my physical appearance and enjoyed our romantic encounters. Over time I discovered that Ruud was not homosexual either, but he loved me so much that he changed his body with Aldert to be by my side. I also learned that Aldert’s body was corrosive to him, every day he suffered more to maintain his control, the pains were enormous and his soul was increasingly weakened. But Ruud was willing to die in that body for being by my side.


At that time Anneke began to show herself as the whore she was meant to be. I did not know, I simply enjoyed the attention of the most beautiful girl in the city that by some curious whim of fate seemed attracted by someone as repellent as I was. From the beginning she tried to destroy my relationship with Ruud. This girl who had always ignored me started calling me on the phone every day proposing appointments and going to parties together.

At first I did not accept it out of fear that it would hurt me, but little by little I ceased to be suspicious of such a strange and sudden love, and I fell victim to its tricks. Taking advantage of the fact that I trusted her, one day she invited me to a private dinner at her house. Dining with Anneke was the golden dream of all the boys in the neighborhood and, interestingly enough, she offered it to me, to someone who did not greet the oldest and ugly women. And despite the weirdness of the situation I was so dumb that I accepted the offer.

When the day of the rendezvous came, Ruud was more sad and thoughtful than ever, he only spoke to me to tell me that he accepted anything that made me illusive, and that if I were happy he would be too. And he offered to take me in his own car to Anneke’s house.

We left early, he stopped the car near the entrance of her house and opened the door of his vehicle. I said goodbye to him and went into Anneke’s house, when I walked away I thought I saw him cry.

Anneke behaved like the lady she appeared to be.

The night was perfect, we ate little but drank lots of champagne. That’s when she asked me to undress. I could not believe such luck, it was too good what was happening to me. Without waiting for her to repeat it, I began to take off my clothes. I was almost naked when Anneke came and screamed.. Suddenly appeared 4 or 5 colleagues from the University with video cameras and taking pictures of me while they laughed. The noise was thunderous, but the one that made me cry was Anneke’s laughter.

Half-dressed I ran out of his house and in the street I met Ruud, who had decided to stay all night to take me home when I returned from the appointment. Between sobs I told him what had happened to me and how much I hated Anneke. Then he put his hands on my head, for a moment I noticed the world revolving around me and when it stopped moving I discovered that I had changed my body with Ruud.

He looked at me seriously and told me, it is not Anneke who has damaged you.



Ruud had not finished saying this, when we heard the laughter of the university comrades coming out of Anneke’s house making mockery of my photos and videos.

Without further thought, Jenkin raged through Anneke’s still-open door.

The fat man has returned, grinning Anneke.

-Do you want me to laugh even more at you?

-You will not laugh at anyone else, you do not deserve Anneke’s body. I do not know who you are, but I know you have the power to change souls.

-You ask me?

Someone stole my body so that Ruud could be with you, but he left me in a body that had the power to change bodies and I used it to change with Anneke and take revenge on you and Ruud

-I’m not the one I look like

  • So, who are you? Aldert asked as Ruud grabbed his head with both hands

-I am you

The apartment seemed to revolve around both body changers. And when it stopped the two fell to the ground. At that moment I entered. Aldert looked dead in my body and Anneke from the floor asked me to take her hand. I did it like that. With watery eyes, Ruud told me that a soul changer can never own another soul changer. Their bodies are rejected as the negative poles of two magnets. He told me that he felt close to death, but that before he died he wanted to do me one last favor. I got on my knees, released my hand and grabbed my head. Again I felt the room move around me.

When everything stopped, I was on the ground, looking at Aldert’s body, vomiting blood.

-I wanted to die in the body where I loved you so much.

I put my hand to my chest and touched Anneke’s breasts. My hands were thin and delicate, my hair long and blond. I was Anneke

-But I’m dying happy. I leave you in a body with which you can love all the men you want and so beautiful that you can choose between them. I could not stand the tears anymore and bringing my mouth closer to his gave him the first straight kiss of my life. It was the most intense, the most meaningful and also the last one I gave him. Because before I lifted my lips Ruud died.


It’s been over 4 years since that kiss. In Anneke’s body I began a new life, I got my doctorate in law, I was elected Queen of the graduation party and I started working as a lawyer.

My life would have been perfect had it not been for the detail that I never wanted to love any man or woman out of respect for Ruud’s memory.

Until one day a man approached me, for which I immediately felt physical and psychic attraction. I do not understand the reason, but just after he introduced himself I wished to kiss him as I had kissed Ruud that last time. Then I knew why.

  • You have my body, I am Anneke, and the man in Ruud’s body robbed me of the body in which you now live.

I told him the sad story of the death of Jenken and Aldert. Anneke shook his head and said, -I do not care. I like being a man and making love to girls as beautiful as you. Would you like to fuck me? He caressed my breasts and continued. I warn you that body I know perfectly well and that I can make you feel things that you can not even dream of. I smiled and asked him to show it to me.

I knew that I had found the body of Ruud’s birth and living in it was the man of my life.