Test the Truth – Bodysuit

Carlos had always loved me and told me that he needed me to love him. I did not want to hurt him, but I had to tell him that our relationship was impossible because I was heterosexual and could never share life with someone of the same sex.

Besides, I loved Irina with all my soul. I needed to touch her, to feel her, to know that she was at my side. Carlos was a very sensitive person and when I told him about my love for Irina he started to cry. He looked at me with tears in his eyes and replied, “No matter what the body, whatever you are or what others think you are, I would always love you, whether you were young or old, rich or poor, male or female” “Besides, Irina does not love you, she’s cheating on you”

I hated these conversations, it hurt to see Carlos suffer, but the only way to not deceive him was to tell him the truth and to find a solution to his love But that day, with tearful eyes, Carlos told me that he respected my heterosexuality and that he would never ask for homosexual relations with him again, but that he wanted to prove to me that Irina deceived me for me to decide what to do with her.

With his lowered head he left and I did not know anything about him for months. Although I asked his family and his friends, no one could tell me where he was or he was gone forever. To this day, when Irina called me to my cell phone, she seemed quite happy and excited, she told me that she had something very important to tell me and that she was waiting for me in the neighborhood starbucks.

When I arrived, there she was, still dressed in a silver suit and looking as if she had spent a very long night. From her bag she took out a small video camera and in her little screen showed me a recording of herself making love in a crazy way with a man who could only see his back.

I did not expect this and I felt dizzy, but the video continued with a fellatio and scenes of sadism. I could not believe what Irina was teaching me. She was still smiling and making jokes about how pale my face looked. Could not bear the anger, suddenly wanted to kill Irina, who still enjoyed the recording. I asked her to please stop, that did not show me that aberration or I could do something crazy. Irina stared at me in the face and said, “Wait a little, there’s still the best” I swallowed saliva and waited for the film to finish before left Irina’s life forever. At that time remembered Carlos and how I had rejected him to share life with a bitch like Irina. Should never have left him, I wish he were here to apologize and beg her to come back to me side.

The end of the film was incredible and unexpected. The man left and shortly after he returned with a gun, aimed the gun at Irina’s head and fired. Just then I heard Irina’s laughter beside me. The film continued, the man who had shot Irina’s head turned around, and for the first time I could see his face. He was Carlos. I could not believe it, Carlos was a peaceful man, he did everything for love, for his love for me. Would he have killed Irina because I had abandoned him? What if Irina was dead who was this copy that laughed at my side?

Immediately had answers to my question. On the screen of the camera it was seen how Irina’s body did not shed blood, it simply deflated like a punctured balloon, until it became something like a discolored leather. Then Carlos pick up the pile of skin from Irina’s body was and began to dress it. First her legs, then the pelvis, adjustment of the genitals, trunk, arms, breasts and finally the head.

Carlos had dressed in Irina’s skin and, surprisingly, fitted him perfectly, he seemed her double, more than that, seemed the same Irina. Then she picked up her silver dress and put it on, her high-heeled shoes and put them on and took her purse and turned off the camera.

With my mouth open I stared at Irina, who was no longer Irina, who was Carlos. I did not know what to say.

Carlos-Irina put his hands to the nape of his neck and pulling up took off his mask and let Carlos’s face appear.

– I already told you that she deceived you. She did not hesitate to fuck with your homosexual friend to humiliate you. But we have a new opportunity. You have always told me that you can not live without feeling the touch of Irina and I can not live without your soul, whatever the body. I offer you that you wear the skin of Irina. In this way, she will always be by your side and you can be my new heterosexual girlfriend. And will ask you to marry me. Saying this, He finished taking off Irina’s skin and placed it on the table so that I could dress her.

I did not hesitate, five months later I married Carlos. I was in white and was the most beautiful bride that someone had seen in the city in many years. And Carlos took my hand on the altar, smiling as smiled me when he showed me Irina’s movie at Starbucks.

The Prom – Bodysuit

A few days ago, I found in a chat a person who told me about a writer of TG stories called “Red Janissary”. I showed him my curiosity and he passed me a RAR file with several very interesting TG stories. Among them was “THE PROM” by Red Jannisary. I loved the story and the way it is written, so I decided to pay homage to this post. By the way, you can download at this address:





When my father married my stepmother, Angela was already 14 years old and I had just turned 28, frustrated that I had never been able to study for working in the family business. My stepmother was a beautiful woman and my new sister was even more beautiful than her. Apparently, it was a marriage for love and although my stepmother never showed me affection nor treated me wrong, she simply ignored my presence as if I did not exist. No one is surprised that the sudden death of my father left my stepmother as administrator of the family fortune. Shortly after that happened the terrible car accident in which my stepmother died with Angela as driver of the car and surprisingly intact.

When my stepmother’s will opened, I confirmed what I already knew. Almost all the family possessions were for Angela, including the factory and the house that had been of my family for generations, while, to me, I barely had a small amount of money left. After reading the will, my sister told me that as soon as she finished high school and was able to control her mother’s inheritance, she was going to kick me out of the house, that the best I could do was to invest well the money I had left because she was going to sell all the properties and she was going to leave this country. Even though I never loved my stepmother it hurt me that Angela did not cry a single tear because of her mother’s death and that the following week of burying her mother was already partying.

Angela was my sister. But she was also my tormentor. She made fun of my small stature, my thinness and she had never seen me go out with a girl. I am not homosexual, but I had begun to feel for Bill something more than a simple friendship. Bill was a lonely boy the same age as Angela and seemed the only person in the world who understood me and who was still my friend.

Angela realized my feelings for Bill and decided to torment me flirting with Bill, proposing appointments to take him away from me.

I knew I had to do something to help Bill when Angela invited him as his companion to the great Prom dance. It was obvious that Angela would never go to that date, she just wanted to humiliate him and leave him planted at the ball.

I could not allow Angela to destroy Bill’s life as she had torn mine. So I looked for help on the internet, looking for magic recipes, anti-love potions, anything that would prevent Bill from falling into Angela’s trap. One night I entered a TG storytellers chat. And that’s where I spoke to someone who was wearing Nick “Red Janissary”. He told me about Dr. Takagi, a Japanese inventor who manufactured ultra-realistic bodysuits that perfectly mimicked the shape and face of anyone. He also gave me his phone number and an email address.

The next day I contacted Mr. Takagi and he told me that could attend to my request to create a bodysuit but that he needed me to send him certain physical samples. Some samples were easy to get, as were the recordings of his voice and hers laughters, but the difficult thing was the following.

To get them the first thing I did was buy a bottle of Rohypnol from a pharmacy in Morocco that they sent me by mail. That same day I invited Angela to a glass of the best wine I could buy to celebrate her promotion party. I opened it in front of her and poured it in a dark glass, where I had crushed half a dozen Rohypnol tablets shortly before. While she drank the wine, Angela told me that she was not planning to go to the promotion party, because that same week she was going to look for a new residence and servants to Thailand.

I blamed Bill what he was going to do, but he laughed and told me that a girl as handsome and millionaire as she would ever date a wretch like Bill. I had to put up with anger so I would not hit her, but for a little while, in a few minutes Angela was fast asleep. I laid it on the floor, undressed it, and opened two bags of molds that Dr. Takagi had told me to buy.





The next half hour I spent making molds of Angela’s face and hands, her breasts and her feet, as well as taking detailed measurements of waist, contours, and proportions. Later I did a hundred photos from different perspectives, and in the end I took samples of her hair and her pubic hair. Then I went back to dressing her and woke her up. Angela did not know what had happened, I told her that she had slipped and fallen to the ground. She accepted my explanations and went to bed.

Half an hour later I was sending a package by FedEx to Dr. Takagi in Japan with the molds, photos and samples of Angela’s hair. Takagi told me that the bodysuit would end in 4 or 5 days and that I would have it at home in a week.

If all went well, I would get the package hours before the promotion party. The deadline was short, but I found it sufficient. So the following days I dedicated them to buy the dress that I would like to wear at the promotion party with Angela’s body. I bought a beautiful pink dress with embroidery on the chest that I thought was the ideal to coordinate with brown hair, green eyes and clear skin of Angela. I paid with the last dollars of my father’s inheritance.

Two days before the party I found my sister pushing big suitcases. She told me that she was going to Bangkok for two weeks. I asked if she was going to ask Bill not to come to the party. She said no, not even her friends knew, less reason to tell a nerd like Bill. This time I did not respond to her, I did not call her attention because of her bad behavior, I wanted her to leave soon and disappear from my life. I kept quiet and smiling.

That same day Angela left and the next day arrived the package of Mr. Takagi. It was only three hours before the start of the party. I grabbed the package and was going to take it to my room, but I thought better: “With what’s in this box I’m Angela” so I took it to my sister’s room. I sat on her bed and opened the package. Inside was a plastic skin that resembled a pricked balloon. I was not surprised, it was what I expected. I took it out of the box and placed my right leg into the right leg of the deflated balloon, then left and stretched it on my waist. I carefully placed my genitals in an internal department that communicated to the apparent female sexual organs of the bodysuit. I kept putting it on my chest, I fastened it to the neck and placed in its place some bags that should be the bodysuit’s tits. To finish I put on a mask that simulated Angela’s head. I took a deep breath and thought, “Here we go”. I pressed a small button hidden in the nape of the bodysuit.


Notice how the bodysuit began to contract, as it tightened my bones and squeezed my waist while inflating the buttocks and breasts. The pain was terrible, I screamed desperately for help. Without strength I fell to the floor as I felt like it bodysuit was crushing me quickly.Suddenly everything stopped. I got up exhausted from the floor and looked at myself in the big mirror of my sister’s room.

I expected to see Angela’s figure and body and I was seeing it. I was Angela. – I’m so glad you’re back, Angela. Now your life is my life.

I was just getting dressed when I realized something. I am identical to Angela, I am worth the clothes of her. So I opened the drawers in her closet and pulled out her best bra. I was not surprised that it matched exactly with my new breasts. “What wonderful tits I have!” I whispered with a half smile. And I smelled Angela’s panties: they smell like she did and I put them on. I kept dressing with the dress I had bought days ago and looking at Angela’s shoemaker I found the high-heeled sandals she slipped on reading her mother’s will. They fit perfectly in my new feet and I enjoyed watching Angela’s beautiful legs in those high-heeled sandals and moved by my will. I tried to walk with them and found it surprisingly easy.






I could not resist anymore and I inserted a finger in my new pussy while with the other hand massaged my breasts. Waves of pleasure crossed my body and I felt the sweat fall through my long hair. I lay in bed for a while as I thought of the wonderful genius of Takagi who had managed to simulate the female orgasm in a male body. “It’s not a male body, I’m a woman now.”

I did not need to, but I wanted to sit down in Angela’s dressing table and apply Angela’s lipstick, retouch my makeup with Angela’s brushes and smooth my hair with Angela’s combs.

I only had one detail before I left. From a box I took out an adhesive that I glued to my neck like a band aid. It was made so perfectly that I did not even notice it in the mirror. The touch was also undetectable, and just scraping with a sharp object appeared a corner to pull to remove. It was a voice simulator. This should simulate Angela’s voice. So I said aloud- Hello, I’m Angela and I love Bill. The result was perfect. This was not the voice of a complexed and fearful man, this was the voice of the most beautiful and admired girl in High School. This was Angela’s voice.

Finally, I took a handbag and kept in it the identity documents, the Institute and the driving license of Angela as well as the credit cards she did not take on her trip to Thailand. I did not think I could have trouble using it. I knew perfectly well what were the passwords and secret numbers.

I opened the Facebook account of Angela and uploaded a photo of the new Angela with the caption “Ready for the party, Bill I love you” and in the car of Angela I went to the party. When I got out of the car, I made my way to the door and entered the ballroom where I could observe the admiration of the men and how they turned their heads to see me walk. As soon as Angela’s friends came to me, they greeted me with great signs of joy. It was not 5 minutes before my arrival and I had already rejected 3 dance proposals.

I approached Bill and greeted him. Bill’s mouth opened in amazement and admiration, and stammering, he took my hand and kissed it. Usually, Bill was a cheerful and uninhibited person, it hurt to see him so uninhibited by Angela’s presence, so I hugged him and whispered to him to invite me to something very strong in a secluded place.

When I was carrying 4 glasses of a mysterious concoction we went out to the park. It was cold and I had my back uncovered, so Bill took off his jacket and placed it on my shoulders. I thanked the favor with a kiss on the lips, he answered me lengthening the kiss and massaging my breasts. Then I felt things that only a woman can feel and I asked her to go to her apartment.

I wish I could relate what I experienced that night, but I had just been born a woman and could not find the right words to tell. I will only tell that night I decided that I would never cease to be Angela, I could not forget the sensations that I had been Angela.

When it was morning, Bill was still sleeping next to me. I woke up with a smile in my mouth, I showered, from the wardrobe of ängela I took clean underwear and put it on, I also dressed in her best jeans, I put on a beautiful pink top and black flats. I grabbed the bag with Angela’s papers and went to the police station.

In the barracks I declared that someone had stolen my passport and some credit cards. A very attentive and chivalrous policeman made a quick search and told me that my passport had been sealed in Thailand. I showed him the school card and Angela’s ID and told him that someone was impersonating me. The policeman looked at Angela’s picture and then looked at me. He asked me some questions about Angela’s age, studies, and hobbies that I answered without problems because I was her brother. He photocopied my documents, returned them to me, and told me that he was going to file a complaint for identity theft, that he would cancel the credit cards and try to stop the thief.

Two days later the Thai police called me. The thief of my identity had been stopped when she tried to use my credit cards. The policeman handed the phone to my sister who had a desperate tone of voice and asked me who I was, I replied that I was Angela. Then she began to insult me ​​and the communication was cut off.

This is more than a year, and I have not heard from Angela. I have continued with her life, I enrolled as Angela in the University, I live in her house, I sleep in her bed and I am Bill’s girlfriend. With Angela’s money I bought Mr. Takagi, three identical bodysuits that I already had. I did not want to take the risk that the bodysuit would tear or break and I would lose this wonderful life that I now live

PS: After three years my sister got in touch with me This time she did not insult me. She implemented asked me for money to continue living in Thailand. I agreed to send her 1000 dollars a month in exchange for not bothering me again and not claim my identity.

She did.