Test the Truth – Bodysuit

Carlos had always loved me and told me that he needed me to love him. I did not want to hurt him, but I had to tell him that our relationship was impossible because I was heterosexual and could never share life with someone of the same sex.

Besides, I loved Irina with all my soul. I needed to touch her, to feel her, to know that she was at my side. Carlos was a very sensitive person and when I told him about my love for Irina he started to cry. He looked at me with tears in his eyes and replied, “No matter what the body, whatever you are or what others think you are, I would always love you, whether you were young or old, rich or poor, male or female” “Besides, Irina does not love you, she’s cheating on you”

I hated these conversations, it hurt to see Carlos suffer, but the only way to not deceive him was to tell him the truth and to find a solution to his love But that day, with tearful eyes, Carlos told me that he respected my heterosexuality and that he would never ask for homosexual relations with him again, but that he wanted to prove to me that Irina deceived me for me to decide what to do with her.

With his lowered head he left and I did not know anything about him for months. Although I asked his family and his friends, no one could tell me where he was or he was gone forever. To this day, when Irina called me to my cell phone, she seemed quite happy and excited, she told me that she had something very important to tell me and that she was waiting for me in the neighborhood starbucks.

When I arrived, there she was, still dressed in a silver suit and looking as if she had spent a very long night. From her bag she took out a small video camera and in her little screen showed me a recording of herself making love in a crazy way with a man who could only see his back.

I did not expect this and I felt dizzy, but the video continued with a fellatio and scenes of sadism. I could not believe what Irina was teaching me. She was still smiling and making jokes about how pale my face looked. Could not bear the anger, suddenly wanted to kill Irina, who still enjoyed the recording. I asked her to please stop, that did not show me that aberration or I could do something crazy. Irina stared at me in the face and said, “Wait a little, there’s still the best” I swallowed saliva and waited for the film to finish before left Irina’s life forever. At that time remembered Carlos and how I had rejected him to share life with a bitch like Irina. Should never have left him, I wish he were here to apologize and beg her to come back to me side.

The end of the film was incredible and unexpected. The man left and shortly after he returned with a gun, aimed the gun at Irina’s head and fired. Just then I heard Irina’s laughter beside me. The film continued, the man who had shot Irina’s head turned around, and for the first time I could see his face. He was Carlos. I could not believe it, Carlos was a peaceful man, he did everything for love, for his love for me. Would he have killed Irina because I had abandoned him? What if Irina was dead who was this copy that laughed at my side?

Immediately had answers to my question. On the screen of the camera it was seen how Irina’s body did not shed blood, it simply deflated like a punctured balloon, until it became something like a discolored leather. Then Carlos pick up the pile of skin from Irina’s body was and began to dress it. First her legs, then the pelvis, adjustment of the genitals, trunk, arms, breasts and finally the head.

Carlos had dressed in Irina’s skin and, surprisingly, fitted him perfectly, he seemed her double, more than that, seemed the same Irina. Then she picked up her silver dress and put it on, her high-heeled shoes and put them on and took her purse and turned off the camera.

With my mouth open I stared at Irina, who was no longer Irina, who was Carlos. I did not know what to say.

Carlos-Irina put his hands to the nape of his neck and pulling up took off his mask and let Carlos’s face appear.

– I already told you that she deceived you. She did not hesitate to fuck with your homosexual friend to humiliate you. But we have a new opportunity. You have always told me that you can not live without feeling the touch of Irina and I can not live without your soul, whatever the body. I offer you that you wear the skin of Irina. In this way, she will always be by your side and you can be my new heterosexual girlfriend. And will ask you to marry me. Saying this, He finished taking off Irina’s skin and placed it on the table so that I could dress her.

I did not hesitate, five months later I married Carlos. I was in white and was the most beautiful bride that someone had seen in the city in many years. And Carlos took my hand on the altar, smiling as smiled me when he showed me Irina’s movie at Starbucks.