The Auction – Deal TG

There was scarcely two hours left for the deadline, and Jack sat quietly, watching as I emptied the drawers in my desperate search.

When I agreed to rent my body for a week Idid not need the money. I simply wanted to be able to afford my whims without having to ask my father. A very lively auction was held on the Internet and we were all surprised that the winner was Jack,  a fat man, short stature  and over 50 years. A man who had sold his house, his car and used all his savings to win the bid. I did not care, for a week he was going to pay me more money than the one my father gave me in a year.

The conditions of the change of bodies were identical for the two. The exchange would be done with the “Rings of Change”. The rings were ancestral rarities that when used at the same time by two people allowed them to exchange their bodies. To avoid theft of rings or escapes I would not have access to Jack’s ring and Jack could not have access to mine either, and we set up remote connection measures to perform the body change even thousands of kilometers away. The most important condition, in which I demanded the greatest harshness, was the obligation to present to us the exact 7 days of signing the contract at the notary’s office with the “Rings of Change” to return the bodies. In case of delay a fine could be demanded and in the event of absence or loss of the ring it could force the return of the original body using the remote connection or stay, forever, with the body and the life of the guest. As soon as I signed the contract I received the money

I was prepared to enjoy what I had just gained by taking Jack’s body to the limit of his physical health.

In the contract did not figure that I could not get drunk until lost consciousness. And that’s what I did. I drinked almost a pint of whiskey before falling to the floor vomiting, I did not like the experience and decided not to repeat it. The next day used it strolling down the street on my bare skin, the police stopped me, and spent the rest of the afternoon at the police station. On the third day, I made the biggest meal of my life by swallowing only sausages, bacon and beer, I felt so heavy that decided this was another experience that did not want to repeat. On the fourth day wanted to check if I was able to make active sexually my male body, so I went to the most expensive brothel in the city. Sex as a man is not bad, but I liked it more as a woman. Anyway, I repeated the next day, but this time wanted to try something new. I called the manager of the brothel and asked her to recommend me a girl and an extreme experience. She warned me that the service he was going to offer was very expensive, and that the girl who performed it was exceptional and she would only work if I had enough money to pay her price. I replied that I did not care about the money, that only had 2 days and wanted to enjoy them to the fullest.

The manager told me to follow her to a room at the end of the corridor. I opened the door and when crossed was left with my mouth open. There was no furniture in the room, not even a bed, and there was only one woman with a steel chain wrapped around her waist. The figure of the woman was spectacular and highlighted by the black leather that covered it. The mask that pressed on his face had only two tiny holes for the eyes and a horizontal opening for the mouth. She grabbed my chest with her sharp nails and dragged me toward her, crouched down, and using her tongue started playing with my sex. Again she got up, stepped on me with the stilettos of her boots and when I opened my mouth to scream she bit me on the lips. She Whispered in my ear that I would know the greatest pleasures of heaven through pain. Pulling my hair she dragged me down the floor, untangled the chain around her waist, with two small candaos tied my wrists and chained me to a ring on the wall. When she realized that I could not escape, she said, “Now the fun begins.”

For me is impossible to count how well she could mix pleasure with pain in such an intense and absolute way. It was more than three hours of wild torments and celestial joys. By nightfall I was physically and psychologically smashed, but did not want it to stop. I told her that still had one day to be martyred and that I would pay her whatever she wanted for another hour like that.

That night I almost did not sleep, I dedicated myself to prepare for another session of sadomasochism with the masked woman. At dawn, on the last day before the change, I went to the brothel, greeted the manager and I entered the hooded woman’s room. There she was, waiting for me.

The first thing she did was tie me to the wall, she slapped me and took a giant knife and placed it with the edge touching my throat, I heard her laugh and with her other hand she took off her mask. It was my own face, the masked woman was Frank wearing my body. I could not stand the panic and I screamed with all my might, from the next room there I heard laughter from people joking about my screams. No doubt they thought I had reached the climax of pleasure.

With the point of the knife she played to break my clothes and scratch me with its edge. She told me that now she could kill me and if she did she would stay with my body forever. But then she calmed me down. I will not, they probably could prove that I did you  the wounds. But she cut into my chest and made me bleed for hours. If the day before I had enjoyed a pain that made me feel alive, this time I enjoyed a pain that brought me to the brink of death. With the loss of blood, was losing strength, it was hard for me not to faint. Until Jack approached, took the ring from my hand and told me that she kept it, also stayed with my body and my life. She changed her clothes quickly and was going to door when she approached me. Thanked me for a body so young and so beautiful. She grabbed my hair and gave me a final farewell kiss. I noticed her saliva in my mouth and how she bit my tongue until she almost cut it. I had to swallow the blood so I would not drown while she dug her tongue into the wounds of my mouth. Until, at last, she parted her lips from mine smiling. She waved at me and left.

I was so sore and tired that I slept until late on the morning of the day we agreed to return the bodies at the notary’s office. But I did not have the ring. I ran to my father’s house, where Jack resided in my body, and began to rummage the closets. Jack in the chair stared at me as I emptied the drawers by looking for the ring. There were only 2 hours left and i emptied the drawers by looking for the ring it or I would lose my body forever.

At last, Jack told me, You will not find him, I do not have him, I promised that I would not take it from you and I did not take it from you. You have it. I looked into my pockets and wallets again, but it was not there.

You lie, I told him. I do not lie, he answered. Do you remember the last kiss I gave you? Do you remember that I bit your tongue and you swallowed blood? I wore the ring in my mouth, with my tongue I moved it to yours and you swallowed it with your blood. As we had agreed in the notary’s office, I did not take your ring off, you always had it. But you can retrieve it. She opened her purse and extracted the knife from the night before and put it in my hand. You have 2 hours to open your stomach and retrieve the ring. If you do you will lose your body for mistreating mine and if you do not you will lose your body for not having the ring. IT’S UP TO YOU.

She got up from her chair, put her purse over her left shoulder, and slammed the door, she went to the appointment with the notary.

Releasing the Ghost from the Mansion – Exorcism

Many years ago, Emily had been the lady of the mansion. A woman of astounding beauty, who married for money with the duke of “El Río.” The duke had always doubted his wife’s fidelity until one afternoon he returned from his hunting party sooner than expected. And he found his wife fucking two servants. Unable to bear the anger, he loaded the shotgun, aimed at Emily’s head and killed his wife with two shots.

Since then, Emily’s ghost wanders through the dilapidated house of her husband’s mansion, and at dusk the spirit of her husband is visible, carrying the shotgun and shooting her in the head for two times.

That’s how it’s been for decades and that’s how it would be if I did not avoid it. I am a powerful exorcist who can free the spirits and make them return to their eternal rest. But this time I did not want to do it for free, I was going to have Emily pay me with the magic of the spirits.

I will free you if you fulfill my desire, you will never have to wander this ruined house again, I told the ghost. “What do you want?” She answered. I want you to use the magic that keeps you alive to transform my body into that of a woman as beautiful as you.

– It’s done, she replied

I noticed my body mutate into a copy of Emily’s body in life. I became a beauty of pale skin and dark hair. With my new eyes I could see how my dress changed into the one Emily wore when she was murdered. “-

– You have done your part of the deal, you can go, I said.

Emily’s spirit crossed the ruined mansion door and left. Through the large windows I could see her walking away … but … but … it was not her, it was me, it was my body. Desperate, I tried to get out, to chase after her, but I could not leave the house. Some strange curse prevented me. Suddenly I heard a big slam door, a few steps approaching and I saw Emily’s husband enter my room, carried the hunting shotgun, opened it, loaded it and pointed me to the head…

Halloween’s Night – Dark Caption



Laura had fulfilled her part of the bargain. She leaned back in the back of Frank K’s car and waited for the final moment.

Laura was a single mother who years ago had suffered an economic crisis that left her in ruin. In a few days she lost her job, ran out of savings and received an eviction order from her home. Laura borrowed from the banks, but none granted it. Then she went to lenders and usurers, but she did not find anyone to trust her. Finally, Laura made a desperate and embarrassing attempt. She took her two children by the hands and went to the mansion of Frank K.

Frank K was a quirky and reserved old man. The people who knew him commented that he had made his fortune with magic and dark arts, however he was the richest man in the city.

Frank K himself opened the door and asked her to enter his mansion. Lucia did so, still clutching her children.

– Mr Frank, these are my two children, they are only 7 and 5 years old. And if you do not help me they will be kicked out of your house and starve on the street. Frank looked at the tearful, frightened faces of the children and felt that he could not abandon these little creatures to such a black destination.

– Listen to me, ma’am. Yos I am a very old man, I am over 90 years old and for weeks I have noticed that death approaches me. I have so much money that I do not even know what to do with it. But, in my long life, I have committed terrible acts so that I will be punished after my death. When I die, I will go to hell if I do not find a pure and holy soul to show me the way to the heavenly paradise. I will give you all I have, I will put all my properties to your name if you take this cyanide capsule half an hour after my burial. If you do, your children will not go hungry, they will not be evicted from your house and I will find your soul in the beyond and show me the way to the Parisian DO YOU ACCEPT?

Laura hesitated for a moment, but the touch of her children’s hands on her own made all her doubts disappear. I ACCEPT, Laura answered and took the cyanide capsule from Frank K’s hand and carefully placed it in the pocket of her T-shirt, next to her heart.

For a few months, Laura was happy. For the first time in her life she could squander the money and buy all the whims that appealed to her. She paid her creditors and gave dozens of toys to her children.

But on the cold afternoon of Halloween Eve, a servant of Frank K dressed all in black knocked on the door of Laura’s house. The servant informed Luisa that Frank K had died suddenly that same afternoon and that he would be buried in the old cemetery at the end of Halloween night and the beginning of the day of all saints. And remembered that Lucia had a deal with the late Mr. Frank K that she should respect or her children would not get even a penny more of the fortune of Frank K

Laura did not need to be reminded, she knew exactly what to do for her children. And she suspected that Frank K’s death was no accident, that he had chosen this day and that moment to be buried

Laura attended the funeral, sat down in the backseat of Frank K’s car and pulled the cyanide bottle from her small pouch beside her heart. She prayed for protection and remembering her little children drank the contents of the bottle. The taste was sweet and pleasant. She felt the liquid flow down his neck to her stomach. Then she felt her eyes close as the dream filled her. She tried not to cry, but she could not. Her last sensation in life was the taste of her own tears that seeped into her mouth. Then the silence and the darkness had found her dead.

Later on the morning of all saints’ day, a huge car of death-black paint parked in front of Laura’s house. From there Frank’s servant came down, circled the car, and opened the right rear door. She came down, dressed in mourning, Mrs. Laura.

As soon as her children saw her, they ran to embrace her. “Mom, Mom, we’ve missed you so much. You were very sad, we were afraid something had happened to you. – I have not felt so good in years. From now on I will always be at your side. You will not miss anything, I will make you happy. To begin with, we are moving to a much larger house, to Mr. K.’s house. Catching the children by the hand she took them inside the car to start a new life.

A new life like the one Frank K had started that night. On Halloween night, the spirits can walk the earth, that’s why he had chosen that moment to be buried. Frank K forced his own death, waited to be buried and attended his own funeral, in his spiritual form walked among the living without their being aware of his presence. There he could see who were crying and who were laughing when they buried his corpse.

He had to wait for the moment, but he felt that time was running out, the demons of hell would soon reclaim his soul. The night of Halloween was over, now they would start looking for him to condemn his soul to eternal suffering. He directed his spirit into the backseat of his own car. There he waited for his faithful servant to take Mrs. Laura. Patiently he watched Laura settle into the backseat of the car. Although he listened as the demons of death sought him, he did not fret. Laura opened the bottle and drank the contents. The demons had almost reached him and would soon drag his soul into hell.

Laura at that moment died and saw how her soul came out of body. A moment after her death Laura realized that her spirit was a great white cloud in a dark world, beside her was another white cloud, and Laura knew at once that the white cloud was the spirit of Frank K, But she also felt a great cold and terror as she noticed the demons of death approaching to drag the spirit of Frank k to hell. She tried to communicate with Frank and tell him to follow her, that she knew the way to heaven, but that they should do it before they were caught. Then she could hear the voice of Fran K’s spirit telling her,


Immediately, the white cloud that was Frank K leaked through all the pores of her dying body and she could see the eyes of Laura’s body opened, how her breast inflated and how she breathed again. It was the last contact she came to have with the world of the living, immediately noticed cold, strong, black hands that grabbed her and pushed her to hell.

Shrill voices hammered in her brain. “Frank K, you’re going to pay for all the infamous acts you’ve done in life.” And she knew they were telling her.

Because she was Frank K


White Candles for Black Magic – Exorcism

White candles for black magic.

When Olga got in touch with me she was desperate. Her life was a disaster, she had problems at work, in school, and even had a sudden and unexplained illness. There was no doctor who could find a solution to their problems. That’s why she came to me, a true sorcerer of souls.

From my religion and my science I knew immediately what was happening. A dark spirit was harassing Olga so that her will weakened and it was easier to possess her body. I tried the usual cleaning methods to keep that negative force out of Olga’s body. I conjugated the protective spirits and they spoke to me of a very powerful shadow. I had to lure him in order to expel him. As the shadow can not exist where there is clarity, I extinguished the candles so that the light did not prevent that being from being manifested from the darkness. Even though I extinguished the candles, I did not have enough power to attract such a strong spirit. I had to confess to Olga my defeat and she left in tears. I stayed in my hut and there I saw it. Sitting on the floor was that demonic being waiting for me.

He told me that he needed a human body to live in this world and he wanted mine because it was a body where magic was powerful. I replied that it was going to cost him because I was going to fight, so he answered that we could make a pact.

These spirits are liars and terrible, if they steal your body then they condemn your soul to the hell from which they come, could not allow me to deceive. I had to carefully measure what to do to prevent him from attacking me.

The next day I phoned Olga. I told her that I had not found the spirit but that he had found me. I told her that he had threatened me, but that I had found a way to keep him from pursuing her and not to attack me. But I needed her help for my plan.

Olga quickly returned to my hut, seemed even more desperate and worried than I. I did not comfort her. I told him we were in terrible danger of being condemned to hell. That demon wanted to steal a body to dwell among us. The only way to avoid that danger was with love. Because that spirit was pure evil and the opposite of evil is pure love. So we had to prove that we loved before that demonic being or our fate would be worse than death. No matter that love was feigned, all we should do is cheat it and believe that we were lovers.

She opened her precious lips and I kissed them with mine, I felt her saliva in my mouth and I felt my soul leave my body of birth and invade the precious little body of Olga. I had a few seconds of disorientation and immediately saw my own body smiling in front of me.

– I have fulfilled my part of the bargain. You have given me your body and I have given you another, younger and more beautiful body. Now you are Olga, you are 26 years old, a doctorate in law and a husband who will give you two children and make you happy the next 30 years. Although now you are less powerful magically, you are still a witch, and if you want to keep that body you must complete your part of the deal.

Olga’s body felt healthy, strong and vigorous, suddenly the memories of Olga’s life lit up in my mind. I remembered her first kiss, her bachelor’s degree, her choice as a prom queen or her first dust with her boyfriend. They were his memories, but now it was my life and I loved his memories and my new life. I could not lose this body, I could not let the previous owner claim it and condemn me to hell where she was now.

I sat on the floor and lit white candles, because the light prevents Olga’s black spirit from returning to the world of light in which I dwell within her body.

I felt no remorse condemning Olga to hell.



Left from within Laura – Dark Caption

Text (Sorry for my bad english):

I lit a cigarette and stared at the half-human creature who fumbled crawling toward me. An abhorrent, whitish, bony being whom I could not resist just looking at her. She crawled with her arms as she left a stinking purulent trail of decaying flesh in the sand that touched her skin. I could not resist.

I opened the voka bottle and emptied it on top of she. She looked at me with bloody eyes while trying to stammer something that I did not understand.

That creature had been Claudia only a few minutes earlier. The most beautiful and sexy woman I had ever seen. Ever since I met her I had dreamed of her. She was a wonderful child, always smiling, always cheerful. I needed to be by his side, to take her hand, to tell him that I loved her. I knew I was capable of anything by being with her.

I doubted that one day I would have the strength to tell her how much I needed her, that I loved her with all my soul and that I could not live if she rejected me.


But five minutes earlier I did, I kneeled before her, took her hand and told her I loved her more than my own life.

And she rejected me.

I felt as if the air had become mud in my lungs, awkwardly I got up, kicked the windowpanes and jumped from the seventh floor. When I crashed to the ground I noticed how my bones were breaking and exploded my lungs and my heart. But I did not feel pain. It was a whitish cloud floating in the air a meter above my shattered body. I did not know what had happened, but I did know what to do.

With a simple thought I began to fly towards the top of the building. I went through the broken window knowing that in that place was Claudia, who was laughing at my misfortune

I could not forgive her. Just by wanting it, the white cloud that was my soul entered her body. There I found a disgusting being who lived inside Claudia’s wonderful body I hit it, kicked it and pushed it until I got her out of the body of my beloved Claudia. Right at the moment of expelling it I noticed as my spirit filled the empty carcass that was the body of Claudia. Again, I could see the unpleasant being and did it with Claudia’s eyes, I could walk towards the horrific being and did it with Claudia’s legs, I could move my hands, and I moved Claudia’s hands, so I grabbed a cigarette with Claudia’s fingers. I lit it, I dumped a bottle of Vodka on top of the disgusting creature and threw the cigarette on top of the being that five minutes earlier was Claudia.

I heard it crackle and reduce to ashes. I did not care, that being did not deserve to live in the body of my beloved Claudia.

Now it is my body. I am Claudia and I will be the happy, smiling, happy little girl I had loved so much.