A Very Curious Heritage – Cursed Object

Clara was the lucky one that got the best part in inheritanceof its grandfather Raphael. She did not care that her sisters would have got the money and properties of the grandfather, because she was the one who got the grandfather’s magic box. The grandfather had been a very strange type. Since he was young he had dedicated  to study the magical arts and being very young reached the power to exchange bodies. People could not believe it, it was impossible for anyone to change their bodies with another person, but Clara had seen women, 5-year-olds, muscular men and even a government president say that they were actually Raphael in another body. There had been many people with whom Grandfather Raphael had exchanged, and all of them had told Clara that she was his favorite granddaughter and that they were going to make him the most important gift of his life.

But, for more than a year nothing had been known about Grandpa. Until one day a letter arrived announcing that he had found the perfect body to live in, that he no longer intended to abandon him and that would let his body of birth die. He had prepared the inheritance for the people he met in his previous life but the most important gift was to be left to his granddaughter Clara.

That’s why Clara was happy with Grandfather’s box. When she opened it she found a large glass jar inside and a note that read: “Inside this jar are my powers to change body, when you open it will enter your body and will be yours forever”

But Clara did not open the jar until she returned to her house and locked herself in her room, she did not want to share the grandfather’s treasure with anyone. When uncovering the jar a blue glow illuminated it. Clara knew that a great power was inside it and that it could be hers forever. When she had it she would not fear anyone, everyone would obey her. Curious, she leaned her head closer to the jar to catch it and noticed the light came out of the jar and entering through her mouth and nose, down it her lungs and slowly filling her body. Felt like a great power invaded her body. The sensations were magnificent. She could feel her arms strengthening, her legs quicker. Thought that she had become such a powerful being that could master magic just by her desire and wanted to scream with satisfaction. But her mouth would not open, her arms were rigid and her legs began to move alone, without being able to control theml. Then she heard her own voice say: “At last I have found the ideal body to die, your body Clara, my dear little granddaughter. For decades I have exchanged my body while taking advantage of the curiosity and ambition of my victims. ”

Clara could no longer control her body, which began to masturbate on the bed. She still felt the orgasms of pleasure that her hands caused when running over her sex. Slowly the sensations were less strong, until she felt nothing, then clouded her eyes and could not see anything. In her last seconds of consciousness she heard the last words of her grandfather: “Thanks for the body, Clara. I promise to take care of him as well as you did. But do not worry, you will not be a passenger in your own body. Soon, you will  sleep until the day of our death. “Clara noticed the words growing weaker and weaker until she could hear nothing. Then she felt sleepy and sloooooowly she fall asleep.

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