The Djinn of Change in the Body – Fantasy

Among the antiques Luis bought for his shop, there was a lamp that looked Arabic. Luis as he knew the story rubbed it and from the lamp came a white smoke and white smoke came out a genius.

– I am the Djinn of souls and bodies, you have found me and you have the right to choose how you want to improve your body. Choose 8 changes to create a new body, think well because once granted there is no turning back.

  • Woman is the most perfect being of nature. I want to be a woman like my mother and my sister.
  • I always want to be 22 years old.
  • I want to have a perfect figure. With the ideal proportions for a female body.
  • I want to have breasts of the perfect size in a woman, but firm and sensual  
  • I want blond hair that reaches my waist.
  • beauty is always greater with contrast. I want my eyes narrowed.
  • to contrast even more I want those eyes to be green.
  • And finally. I want everyone to admire me and all the people who come to my side will stare at me.


Little by little. Luis was noticing how his wishes came true. Suddenly she was rejuvenated and her body was transformed into that of a beautiful woman. She had perfect proportions, blond hair, slanted green eyes. But something was not right.

Every second that passed was harder to move, so he sat by the window of his shop and rested his chin in his hand with feminine grace.

Little by little he could see less, each time it took more work to hear something and then he understood what was happening.

– I’m turning into a plastic mannequin. I’m going to be a doll forever.

Little by little her soul dissolved into the lifeless form of the wrist. His masculine and human form was becoming less evident. And Luis thought.

-I’ll be a doll forever, but at least I’ll be the prettiest mannequin in the window.

Meanwhile, people crowded in front of the window to admire the most beautiful doll they had ever seen.

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