Family Heritage – Lesbian Magic

This caption is made by a particular request. I hope I have fulfilled what he asked me to do.


Britt, we should hide, Mom could find us.

Astrid, you and I love each other. There is nothing embarrassing about making love.

Of course there are, we are sisters, and if Mom finds us she would be able to kill us.

Astrid and Britt were sisters, twins and lovers, but also heiresses of the magical powers of its mother. When they were born they were orphans, their father died a few days after engendering them in the womb of her mother. It was the family tradition, the men died after fertilizing the female.

The mother was a strict woman, member of the oldest family of the country and faithful follower of the most ancient traditions. A person who found it unbearable for her daughters to be lesbians. When she discovered that they were, punished them harshly, she threatened to disinherit them and locked them without food in a magic cage. And there she held them until they begged for forgiveness. Then she released them, but told them before that the immense magical powers of the family were inherited from father to daughters. Although men were useless for the practice of magic were the repositories of magic. That is why females should be heterosexual, because in the act of sex they could rob men of magic. This was the way her grandmother, her mother, and herself had done so, even though she had killed her father

But something had happened that no one could suspect, during the weeks that Astrid and Britt were captive in the magical cage they felt as the love between sisters became stronger, to the point that they came to incest. Since that moment they had hidden their love, they could not allow their mother to discover the relationship. Until that night.

– Do not stop Astrid, let’s make love. This is going to be the last night. Starting today, everything will change. Britt grabbed

Astrid by the waist, laid her down on the carpet and began to kiss her on the breasts, his tongue traversing her body, came down at the waist and began to savor her wet pussy. At that moment she noticed Astrid took off her panties and listened to her sister’s screams of horror as she grabbed his penis with both hands.

–                   Who are you? What are you?

– I am your sister, and before being your sister I was your mother and before being your mother I was your father. Men cannot use our power, but they can pass it on to the women in the family. When I fertilized your mother, I gave her my powers, my spirit and my penis.

Now I am a woman who can control power and at the same time I am a man who is the custodian of that power. I became your mother and I strangled her in my body. When I discovered that my daughters were lesbian I knew that the tradition had broken, they could no longer inherit the power of men. But when I heard about your incest, I knew there was another way to get it. I just raped your sister, I gave her my powers and now I rape you to occupy your body.

As Brett listened to this, she noticed how the strange penis entered her vagina and there it seemed to explode in a damp heat that rose up her waist and back to fill her brain completely. She felt as her soul trembled with pleasure, orgasms followed one after another, so fast that she could no longer control her body and her eyes clouded. Then only silence.


– and return to be the young witch who keeps the family tradition,

Brett regained consciousness, again she could feel, hear, and see. She opened her eyes and looked at her own body, herself gripping his neck with both hands as she tightened it. Again another orgasm as she felt her heart stop and erect the penis that was already part of her body. She was a man and had to fertilize her sister, her old body, she had to continue the family tradition.

A month later, it was learned that Astrid and his mother had disappeared. And that the inheritor of the magic powers of the family was Brett who fortunately was pregnant.


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