Leaving the World of Books – Fantasy

There are many worlds but they are all in you and in a good book

text (sorry for my bad english):

And when she opened the book I was able to go out into a new universe. There was my reader, sitting on the floor with her feet crossed, holding the huge book with her hands on her knees.

And most important, with her mouth open because she also discovered another world in a distant dimension.

I'm just the character of a story and I must behave as such, I have to own my reader. Without hurry, but without pause I entered by its eyes towards its interior. First I began to possess my brain, I made my reader dream with worlds of dragons and princesses imprisoned in enchanted castles where evil sorcerers live and then I made her illusion with a knight in white armor who wielding a sword was going to rescue the poor princess.

Then I possessed her spirit, the knight was very dangerous for his life and the princess suffered and cried thinking of his beloved and brave knight. I was pleased to torment my reader by making a dragon appear spitting fire behind a rock, I made her nervous when the evil mage faced death with the knight who was already very tired, I made her feel romantic when the brave knight in white armor kissed to the princess after the rescue and, to finish, I managed to make my reader happy, when I had them married at a big party and were happy and ate partridges.

The possession, now, was complete, my reader's eyes were bright and she enjoyed the thoughts and feelings that I had transmitted.

She did not want to leave me, she did not want the possession to end, but she closed the book, put it on a shelf, and left slowly.

It was my greatest triumph. Possession was for life. My reader every time she spoke with a man would remember the knight in the white armor, if she spoke with a woman would remember the princess, if there were problems she would think of the dragon and how it was defeated and if someone confronted her then she would remember the confrontation with the evil magician. This would help her to treat people with affection and to overcome the problems that appeared to her in life.

And every time she looked at herself in a mirror she would see her beautiful face, but she would also see me, the brave knight in white armor who one day crossed into another universe overcoming a thousand dangers to find her beloved princess, who was her, and with whom she married Because I continue to possess it, I am married to its life and its soul, I continue living in her mind and her spirit in another world, in the world of the readers and its books.

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