Left from within Laura – Dark Caption

Text (Sorry for my bad english):

I lit a cigarette and stared at the half-human creature who fumbled crawling toward me. An abhorrent, whitish, bony being whom I could not resist just looking at her. She crawled with her arms as she left a stinking purulent trail of decaying flesh in the sand that touched her skin. I could not resist.

I opened the voka bottle and emptied it on top of she. She looked at me with bloody eyes while trying to stammer something that I did not understand.

That creature had been Claudia only a few minutes earlier. The most beautiful and sexy woman I had ever seen. Ever since I met her I had dreamed of her. She was a wonderful child, always smiling, always cheerful. I needed to be by his side, to take her hand, to tell him that I loved her. I knew I was capable of anything by being with her.

I doubted that one day I would have the strength to tell her how much I needed her, that I loved her with all my soul and that I could not live if she rejected me.


But five minutes earlier I did, I kneeled before her, took her hand and told her I loved her more than my own life.

And she rejected me.

I felt as if the air had become mud in my lungs, awkwardly I got up, kicked the windowpanes and jumped from the seventh floor. When I crashed to the ground I noticed how my bones were breaking and exploded my lungs and my heart. But I did not feel pain. It was a whitish cloud floating in the air a meter above my shattered body. I did not know what had happened, but I did know what to do.

With a simple thought I began to fly towards the top of the building. I went through the broken window knowing that in that place was Claudia, who was laughing at my misfortune

I could not forgive her. Just by wanting it, the white cloud that was my soul entered her body. There I found a disgusting being who lived inside Claudia’s wonderful body I hit it, kicked it and pushed it until I got her out of the body of my beloved Claudia. Right at the moment of expelling it I noticed as my spirit filled the empty carcass that was the body of Claudia. Again, I could see the unpleasant being and did it with Claudia’s eyes, I could walk towards the horrific being and did it with Claudia’s legs, I could move my hands, and I moved Claudia’s hands, so I grabbed a cigarette with Claudia’s fingers. I lit it, I dumped a bottle of Vodka on top of the disgusting creature and threw the cigarette on top of the being that five minutes earlier was Claudia.

I heard it crackle and reduce to ashes. I did not care, that being did not deserve to live in the body of my beloved Claudia.

Now it is my body. I am Claudia and I will be the happy, smiling, happy little girl I had loved so much.



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