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TEXT (Sorry for my bad english):

Today is a year since Magda became ill.

And it was the moment when I made the decision that changed forever the life of Magda and mine. I could not allow her to keep losing strength and the desire to live. I could not bear to see her weaker and sadder every day. It was time to show her how much I loved her.

When I was a child, I felt Magda’s arrival as a wonderful gift from God. I was an insecure, frightened child who was mocked by almost all schoolmates. Every day was a torment. I was afraid to leave the house and I was shaking when it was time to go to school. Until one day I was crying on the floor, after suffering a cruel joke, Magda appeared. Magda was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, with her smiley face and blue eyes full of tranquility and calm. She held out her hand and told me to get up and take it. She told me that life is wonderful, that I was great and that I just needed self-confidence. She made me take a walk through all the classrooms of the school while we had entwined the fingers of our hands as if we were two lovers. Since that day my companions did not make fun of me again and every time I had a problem Magda appeared again grabbing my hand and reassuring me.

With the passage of time Magda grew to become a spectacularly beautiful, intelligent and good woman. If in school she was popular in the institute she was a queen and in the university a goddess. I was not that lucky. I had not been handsome as a child and I was still as ugly as I was. The classmates no longer laughed at me but the boys did not talk to me and the girls ignored me completely. I was not invited to a party and everyone ignored me. And it was then that Magda reappeared, squeezed me by the hand and said, “Come with me” From that moment every day I would walk with Magda by the university holding hands, she would sit in class next to me and we shared a table in the cafeteria. At his side I felt safe and confident enough to study day and night with the idea of ​​becoming the best lawyer in the world and able to fulfill all dreams of my beloved Magda. She had made me the happiest and most envied man in the university, and I was happy just watching her beautiful smile smile without worry.

I managed to finish my law degree with number one in my promotion. The best law firms in the country sent me job offers. But I did not want to part with Magda, and I refused all the offers that came to me. Until one day he came to the door of my house the best lawyer in the country, he offered to be part of his office and economic and labor conditions that I could not refuse. Two weeks later, I packed my bags to the capital, to my new job. And two months later, Magda’s mother phoned to inform me that her daughter was dying and wanted to see me before her death.

In tears I took the first plane and that same afternoon was in the house of Magda holding his hand and tried to give it strength. Everything was useless, Magda, who had been so cheerful and vivacious now was sad and sorry. I hired the best doctors and I took them to their house, all of them after visiting it they told me the same thing, that they did not know what was going on, physically it was good but nevertheless deteriorating. They did not think she lived much, surely a couple of weeks, they doubted very much that she would last a month.

The diagnosis of the doctors was terrible. But I could not let someone as wonderful as Magda die without trying anything possible to get her back.

I only had two weeks to find a cure, and I said goodbye to Magda, tearfully, promising that I would return before the two weeks of the doctors’ talks concluded. I traveled a lot, first I tried with traditional medicine, then with the alternative, but I did not get answers and finally, desperate, I tried with magic. And there I found a hope, but at a huge price that only I could afford.

As promised, two weeks later I returned to Magda’s house. Gathering what little strength she had left, she had dressed for my visit and sat on the couch, instead of waiting for me in bed. It was the last favor she could give me before her death. She did not want to see me sad with her illness, she wanted me to remember her as the cheerful and jovial woman she had always been. I got on my knees before her and showed her what I had achieved with so much searching.



-These are “the rings of change”, allow to change the body of two people. I want to change my body with you. If someone deserves to die that’s me and if anyone deserves to live you are. If we change and that allows your lives, then I will be the happiest man on Earth, my life will have served for something and also I will get the most wonderful being I have ever known can live, even in my body.

Of course Magda refused to exchange, but she was very weak, I stood behind her and took her hand, as I had done so many times before, I put a ring in her left hand while I put the other in mine.

Immediately we changed body, I was sitting on the couch without strength, noticing how it cost me breathe. Meanwhile, Magda, in my body sat on the floor, as I had done as a child, and began to cry.

I felt death approaching. My muscles ached, my bones ached, and every pore in my skin seemed to sweat blood. So I stayed for several days, waiting for everything to end. Until suddenly I started to improve. I was able to get out of bed and get myself to the service. Shortly afterwards I was able to walk to the kitchen and prepare solid foods. Two days later I had the strength to go out into the garden and to take walks in the park, holding Magda’s hand in my body. It had not been a month since the doctors evicted Magda when they had to discharge me. The reason for the improvement could not be explained, nor could the reasons for the disease be explained.

But I knew her perfectly. This body had gotten sick when I walked away from him, needed my presence and my company. Magda felt an extreme love for my soul, she needed to protect me, to help me, she needed to be with me. Now with my soul inside her body and hers within mine, she had felt complete, perfect. His desire to be with me had been realized in the most sublime way, with the soul of each possessing the body of the loved one and the two together and protecting each other.

And so came the best day of my life, when Magda knelt in front of me, delicately took my left hand, removed the “ring of change” I still had and placed another ring on it, but this time of gold With diamonds and asked me: “Magda, do you want to marry me?”

Since then I am Magda.

And I married in white with the man who for twenty-two years lived in what is now my body, with the man who will be the father of my children and with the man who takes me every day by the hand to tell me how happy he is by my side

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