The Magic of Music – Body Exchanger

It’s wonderful to feel the violin vibrate in my hands. That vibration was what had caused it  to change my body with Lucia. She was a very sensitive interpreter and her body looked like a goddess when stirred to the rhythm of the strings of the violin that vibrated between her hands

Now I feel it. And feel the music flow through my veins, it pulses in my heart and pushes my hands, up and down, to move the bow while caressing the violin.

I had always admired the musicians. The great desire of all my life was to be able to make music, to become the great magician who, strumming strings, is able to make people enjoy.

But I had clumsy hands and short fingers, It was impossible for me to play an instrument with rhythm.

I, only, went to concerts and listened with envy to the orchestra. One day, they introduced a young woman who was a true virtuoso. Lucía appeared on stage. She thanked to the audience and began to play the violin like I had never heard before. It was the whim 24 of Albinoni. And Lucia’s hands were flying over the violin’s ropes as she smiled. I felt like the music filled my spirit, and it made the pulse of my blood beating more and more slowly. My mind was calm and my eyes lit up with strange lights. Suddenly I realized that those lights I didn’t see them, was feeling them, I did not listen to the music, throbbed with it and floated in the air that carried it. My spirit was being pushed by the music, could see my fingers running down the mast and my right arm moving up and down bow of the violin. I noticed the sweaty hair brushing my forehead, my neck and my back. And I felt my hands pressing the strings and making music.

Then I knew it had happened. I had changed my body with Lucia.

I finished the performance. The audience stood up applauding and cheering me. With wide movements of my head I greeted them and with curiously approached Lucia. She greeted me affectionately and told me that I was the best soloist had ever heard and that her dream was to be able she Interpreting a score with my ability. She admitted that it was very difficult because had clumsy hands and short fingers. I told her that she should continue rehearsing, because music is magic and fulfills all desires.

I retired soon to my dressing room and I dedicated to rehearsal because tomorrow I have a new performance and I must continue doing magic with the music.

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