Making Photos – Magic Object

Click When Emma called me to do a photo story, I could not believe my good luck. The dream of every photographer is to call you Emma to make her a professional “book”.

I did, but I also wanted something more. CLICK, CLICK

I set up the magic photo camera and went to her house to do the most important job of my life. I had already finished the session when I asked her to take a last photo with an old instant machine. And I did it with my magic photo machine. This machine absorbs the soul of the photographed person and impregnates it on the paper for 5 minutes. I took the picture of Emma, ​​and her body immediately fell like an empty shell. CLICK CLICK

Immediately I made myself a selfi, and I noticed how my soul was ripped from my body by the camera, passed through focus and sticking to the paper. But before losing consciousness, as happened to Emma, ​​I had time to break the cardboard of my selfie. I felt my soul free and float in the air. CLICK, CLICK

So I flew to Emma’s body that was on the floor and filtering into her skin I took control of it Now it was my body. I could move the neck, the head and finally the legs. So I ran to the machine. It took me a while to control Emma’s arms and hands, so I I did not have time to take the photo I made her and destroy it.r. CLICK.

The 5 minutes of impregnation in the paper had already passed  and now Emma’s soul was free to possess another body. And I was sure she was not going to settle for my old body. I suspected she would want to return to her own. And I could not let her. CLICK, CLICK

That’s why I’m taking pictures to any place where I hear movements, I think I see something or the wind blows. I have to re-photograph her spirit before she dislodges me from Emma’s body



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