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When Mario asked me to add it to my Facebook account it seemed just another of the dozens of requests I received every day. I usually did not accept any, but something seemed endearing and sad in the photo of Mario and I added.

Just accept the request asked me to chat, for a few seconds I hesitated to respond. I do not usually waste time chatting on the Internet with strangers. But this time I answered. He told me about his life, which had been long and frustrating, with a failed marriage, and had never had children to rejoice. The conversation lasted until three in the morning and we finished the talk to go to sleep. Mario had managed to sadden me by telling his misfortunes. I wanted to help him.

The next night I reconnected and chatted with him. He told me that he had been waiting for me all day because the conversation the night before had been his only joy in many weeks. Again I wanted to console him and I thought the best way was watching us face by videochat. I had a small disappointment to see his face, was more ugly and old than his photos showed, but I did not care, I just wanted to help him. And trying to give he hope, we was talking until very late at night.

The following days I returned to chat with camera and audio. Mario praised my voice so beautiful and how sexy I looked even in pajamas and without makeup. He told me that if he would have known me before, I would have been the perfect wife for him and would have made me happy all my life. With his broken voice he told me that to continue living does not make sense and that he would have committed suicide if he had not met me.

The next day he was very happy, he told me that his ex-wife had requested an appointment with him to try to fix his problems. It was the best news he had had in many years and that if this worked out well it could give him the strength to continue living.

With the subject of happiness that he was feeling with the interview we ​​continued chatting for weeks, until the day of the appointment arrived and he connected again, but this time he was crying, in dirty clothes and no shaving. He told me that, after the meeting,his wife had thought again about the relationship between them and she had decided to go to another city. I asked him, “What was that city?” And he replied that it was mine. Among all the cities of the country, curiously she had chosen mine to move. It seemed clear that in the conversation between Mario and his wife he had talked about me and she is coming to get me. I did not feel safe.

I was afraid that this woman would try to hurt me I asked Mario to talk to her, to beg her to come back with him, to tell her that he needed her. He replied that he could not, he was more than 1000 km away from my city and even if he caught a plane he would not arrive in time.

Now I was really scared, that woman is travelling more than 1000 km to get revenge on my love for Mario and could attack my life. I asked Mario to please do something so that she would not harm me, call her on the phone, to beg her to do nothing, or ask her to come back. Mario told me that he could not do it because she did not respond to his calls.

He was silent for a few seconds. After reflection he said me that there was a possibility of fixing it. He told me that if I concentrated heavily on changing my soul with his and he did the same, then the spirits can travel through Internet cables and exchange our bodies for a week or until one of us decides to return to his original body. If it worked he would talk to his wife in my body to convince her that Mario loved her and when she left he would go back to exchange body with me.

I did not think that was possible, nor did I want to change my body with that ugly old man, but still wanted to help him and I was also afraid. So I agreed to try. For half an hour I concentrated so that my soul would leave my body and travel by the cables to the body of Mario. On the computer screen I saw Mario doing the same thing. Although nothing happened, but suddenly I felt a blow to the head, and I suffered from dizziness and nausea. Meanwhile an intense light blinded me. I noticed how my soul was dragged by a great force at incalculable speed, until it stopped. I still had my eyes dazzled, but opened them, slowly cleared my vision and I could see a small computer in front of my body and on the screen was my own image that was touching my tits and face.

It has worked!!! I said in amazement

Great !!! Mario replied in my body.

Then Mario turned and a woman appeared on the screen. I introduce you to my wife, said Mario. Years ago she discovered that was a lesbian, that’s why she wanted the divorce with me, I with my man body, could not satisfy her desires. Now I can and I will do it every day and at all times. He was saying that, he started kissing his wife with my mouth, while she touched my pussy.

Thank you for the body, his wife told me, you have made us a happy marriage. My husband, now is my partner, and he will not connect to Internet again until the time to change bodies is over. I suggest you look for work and a real love or you will try to commit suicide like Mario did.

Saying that, she turned off the computer. The screen went black and I stood with my mouth open. Since then I have not seen him again online. This morning I discovered that he had deleted me from his Facebook account. Although I have looked for work, I have not found it, it is difficult to achieve it when you are a man of more than 45 years, single and with psychiatric antecedents. Life is terrible, sometimes I think of suicide, hopefully find someone to help me on the Internet.

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