The Owner of the Pawn House – Pact TG

Renata stared as I tweaked her lips to the mirror of my pawnshop.

Renata was the daughter of one of the richest men in the country, but also a bereaved and a mad head without remedy. On one night, she could spend $ 2000 or $ 3000 only on drinks invitations.

For her father, it was not much money, but he was ending his patience. Renata was her only heiress and wanted her to learn what it costs him to make money. That’s why he took VISA cards from her and gave her a small amount of money per week for expenses. But Renata was not willing to change her way of life and limit her spending.

That’s when I met her. When she became my best client. Every two or three days, Renata would enter my shop with some valuable object to pawn, first it was a gold watch, then a necklace of diamonds, later pendant, a car and even bags of valuable marks. I had no problem paying above the market price because I knew that Renata would never return to retrieve the items.

Renata had become my best client and continued for 3 or 4 months until one day she came into my shop, called me aside and made the strangest proposal I had ever heard.

She told me that she needed $ 350000 and that she had nothing left to pawn, but that she offered me something even more valuable. She took out the “rings of change” from her purse and told me that with these rings we could change bodies and that offered to keep her body as a guarantee that she would return the money with interests. I am a man over 60, who was never handsome and also grew up in a poor family, so I accepted his offer without a moment’s thought.

In a few seconds we had changed our bodies,  I had picked up her identity documents, stood on her high heels, reviewed my makeup before the glass of my store and went to Renata’s house where I was going to live, at least until she Get the money. As a supplementary guarantee I took the rings to ensure that Renata did not sell them in another store.

Until that moment, Renata had not recovered any material pawned and doubted very much that this was the first time. With my old body and without VISA cards it is practically impossible for her to get the money. Just in case, I, the daughter of one of the richest men in the country, I will talk to the directors of the bank branches so that no one will grant her a loan.

In one month, the term of return will have ended and this body and this life will be mine forever.


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