The Paralytic – Magic Taxi

Now I had to learn to walk again. – To see, first one leg, I lean on her and move the other forward. It is not easy to walk again when you have been paralyzed for more than 40 years.

40 years ago my sister crashed the family car taking me as a co-pilot. Surprisingly, nothing happened to her, but the doctors had to cut my legs. It was my sister and I would have forgiven her, but that day she was drunk and got me into the car by force, I was a child and I could not resist.

My life had been hell ever since. I lived on a second floor without an elevator and could hardly leave the house. No girl wanted to meet a paralytic and I practically had no social life. I just left the house to get a taxi to take me to my job as a newspaper salesman at a city kiosk.

But that day changed everything. I climbed the taxi as usual, I made the usual route, but when I was getting out of the taxi, I suddenly found myself in the driver’s body. I did not understand what had happened, then I saw my old body that awkwardly took the wheelchair out of the car and said to me: “Consider this as the greatest favor of your life, I was the driver of the car with which your sister crashed And when you became paralyzed, I felt that it was my fault. Now we are in peace ”

At first I did not think it was a favor. That body was almost as repulsive as mine, and the cab driver’s work is overwhelming. But I found the taxi diary and knew that I could change my body with a passenger if we traveled a long distance and at the time of paying the trip I wished that he had a good day.

And I knew who to change.

For days I waited in front of Laura’s house. Sometimes it was no good, because she went jogging to the park or shopping in the neighborhood stores. But finally, I saw her leave and make a gesture to stop a taxi and there I was. She got into my car and asked me to take her to the medical school where she was studying. It was not a long distance, but I decided to increase it by saying that the shortest route was in maintenance works. When we arrived, she gave me a $ 50 bill to pay for the trip, and I said, – “Have a good day Miss Laura, I will greet your mother, my sister … and keep the change”

And I got out of the taxi into Laura’s body, into the beautiful body of my niece. With the intention of tormenting my sister, now my mother, who was the guilty drunk that the doctors cut my legs. My revenge was going to be easy against my sister who had become over time an alcoholic who can no longer move and who her daughter Laura, ME, has to help her get into a wheelchair.

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