The Price is Right – Television quiz

Carlos thought he was happy when was called to participate in “The Price is Right” in Spanish edition. In the only thing that Carlos was good was to calculate the price of things. He had a low-paid temporary job and It was very difficult for him to save money.He was always calculating and thinking about the cost of things so he did not have to borrow.

That’s why when started the program Carlos knew he would win. The program was great
. Carlos showed his wisdom by guessing the prices and then eliminated the last adversary guessing the exact price of a blender, he arrived at the “final showcase”. The presenter announced: -The final showcase. Our contestant must guess the joint price of:

This wonderful apartment in Torremolinos on the beach front that our stewardess Beatriz teaches us. A spectacular new Mercedes SL car that our stewardess Beatriz now drives. This briefcase full of 500 € tickets that now shows our stewardess Beatriz and this incredible necklace of Diamond and rubies of the prestigious signature “MAGNUM” that now looks Beatriz. If our contestant can guess the right price with a maximum gap of 10% he can choose anything he wants from our showcase and it will be his.

Carlos thought for a moment and answered 435,000 euros.

The presenter looked at him, feigning a smile, took an envelope out of his pocket. Slowly he opened it. He took out a card and read:

:-The fair price is 455400 euros, and as our contestant has answered a figure below the margin of 10% has given the right price, won and he can choose anything he wants from the showcase because it’s his, but he can only choose one.

Carlos thought for a while and replied: – I want Beatriz

– How? Can you repeat? Asked the astonished presenter.

– I want Beatriz’s body. You told me to choose anything in the showcase and Beatrice is in the showcase. Well, I choose her. I want to change my body with hers. Meanwhile, on stage Beatriz fainted.

Two weeks later, Carlos returned to television studios in his new body. He had not yet grown accustomed to the heels of women’s shoes, but he loved being 30 years younger and the admiration he raised among men. In the office of the executive producer of TV show he was offered the job of a stewardess that previously had Beatriz but with a significant salary increase. And he accepted because they also allowed him to start his new career as a model lingerie. It was clear that Carlos-Beatriz had made the right price and had chosen the best prize in the final showcase.

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