Recovering an old Love – Pact TG

I did not pay much for her visit. Just a handful of euros for a full service.

Lucia was a poor wretch who sold her body for a plate of lentils and that slept just as handsome as ugly if they gave her a poor alms.

The prettiest girl in law school had become a street slut. I did not want to make love to her, I did not want to enjoy her sexual favors. I just wanted her to see me and remember the time she martyred me. That she remembered how a few years ago she had mocked my love in front of all my fellow students and the pain she caused me when she laughed at my tears of suffering and shame when I asked her to please stop humiliating me.

Almost 10 years of that and I still love her and I still wake up every day remembering that would give my life to have her body. Nothing was bigger than the love I still have. My torment continued to see that beautiful and delicate girl selling his love as a bitch. She had everything, a spectacular beauty and keen intelligence, her should have been the future. I was not handsome, not so smart, but I had the strength of will and got doctorate and now I’m a successful lawyer and she is a whore. We all deserve a second chance, and I knew how to do it,

That’s why I called it. When she arrived it took a few seconds to remember who I was, then fell to her knees on the floor. The guy in the expensive suit and seemed to be a millionaire who’d hired her was the guy she’d humiliated when she was the city’s most envied girl.

Laura lay on the floor, her eyes watering and shaking the three or four bills I had paid her.

– I’ve always wanted you and I still want you, I said.

– I should not have done that to you, but I did. I am so sorry. I should have corresponded your love, you are the only person who has loved me for my soul and not for my body.

– I forgive you. But if it were the other way around. That you had it all and I had nothing. Would you still love me?

Laura did not hesitate a second to respond. -Of course yes. All my life I have regretted what I did to you. I looked at her with pity and I said,

. Prove it to me.

I took a box out of my jacket pocket and opened it. Inside were the “rings of change” These rings can exchange the body of two people if both are put at the same time.

I showed them to Lucia and I told her what those rings were capable of doing. With a strange look of hope Laura got up from the floor and held out her hand for me to give her her ring. I did it like that. She took one ring and I the other. At the count of three we put them on and suddenly I found myself on some extravagant platform shoes looking at my old body. Lucia was feeling her new body, then tightened her tie and looked at the wallet with wide eyes and an ohhhhhh of admiration in her mouth. She took the ring from her finger and grabbed my hand and bent it and ripped the other ring.

-I take the rings, I do not want to lose this body and I do not want to be related to a bitch like you.

She put them in the same box where I had brought them and went off at a rapid pace, without saying goodbye or looking back. And I just stayed, dressed like a whore, in the body of a whore and … smiling.

I had not told Lucia that these rings can only be used once, after using them lose their power and become trinkets.

Lucia had despised me a second time, but this second scorn did not hurt like the first one. This time I was ready. Laura would soon discover that I had closed all the bank accounts in my name and that I had sold the properties of which I had owned. My previous body was ruined and neither could she work as a lawyer because Lucia left university so soon that she had no legal knowledge.

The circle had closed. With the money I had obtained from my previous body, my knowledge of laws and with the identity of Lucia, I enrolled in the same university where Lucia one day, almost 10 years ago, rejected me.  Now I would finish the law degree that she left incomplete and would again be the young and brilliant lawyer before. But now I did it for the love of Lucia’s body that I wanted so much and deserved much more than the treatment Lucia had given it.

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