Risky Investments- (Second Part) – Body Thief



A few days ago I made a caption titled ” Risky Investments”.

My friend J *** proposed to me to do a continuation with countdown clock (also), with body changer (also) and with poison (also).

The challenge was quite difficult, I almost had to repeat the caption I had done previously.

I have not been able to use the same characters, but I have used others very similar.

I hope have overcome the challenge.


In this url you can see the original caption:

Risky Investments – First Part



When Jane invited me for a drink, I assumed she was not doing me a favor. As she filled it, I saw her hand shaking, her forehead sweating, I was sure, Jane wanted to kill me. That bottle not only had champagne, it was also full of poison.

Since I met jean knew she would try to kill me, so I hired a detective to follow her everywhere. The detective investigated her for weeks until he discovered that Jane had bought a powerful poison and he handed me a sample capsule with the venom and another with the antidote.

Jane thought she had maneuvered for us to meet, but she was wrong, I was the one who forced a seemingly fortuitous encounter. Although, the truth is that I did not want to meet her, I wanted to meet Tom, the body changer who had possessed Jane for more than a year. Tom was an unclean being who robbed the body of the most beautiful women, used them to have relations with millionaires, then killed these and was left with his fortune. Being by his side was a big risk, but it was worth it.

Jane was the most beautiful woman I had met, also the most intelligent, and since Tom possessed her she was also the most ambitious. That’s why she had married me. She did not love me, she did not want me, she only aspired for my money. I was an old man, I did not think had much time to live, but Jane was not going to wait my natural death to put her hands on my money.

Slowly I took the glass and looked at Jane with sad eyes: “Jane, you know that I have always loved you, that I will leave you all my property in my inheritance. And I suspect that tonight you’ll try to hurt me, want you to show me that you love me, I want you to prove me wrong and give me one last kiss, even if it’s a farewell. “Jane approached, put her arms around me, opened her mouth and joined it to mine. For a few seconds I drank her saliva, played with her tongue and she corresponded passionately. The kiss lasted until Jane noticed  that had swallowed a capsule that was under my tongue. She spread her mouth from mine and put her hands to throat. “What have you done?” She asked, frightened. “You just swallowed a capsule of the same poison you put in the bottle.” I lifted the glass and looked at it. “Hardly noticeable, no one would say that it has 10 mg of one of the most powerful poisons on the market. I drank the contents of the glass in one gulp and threw it against the wall. We have 30 minutes left to die, but I have the antidote.”

Only 30 minutes left

Pleased I watched as the color of Jane’s face changed of pure fear. She looked at me with wide eyes, tried to say something intelligent, but could only say: “Assassin, Assassin, Assassin …”

I began to notice the first symptoms of the poison, I felt the fingers of my hands was losing sensitivity.

20 minutes left

Jane tried to attack me, but I was still stronger and faster than her, dodged her. Even if you knock me down you would never find the antidote capsule. I’m not carrying it.

Time went by fast, only 15 minutes left.

Jane collapsed in the armchair, she was thoughtful. And said, “ You know? I loved this body, I liked being Jane. But what you do not know is that I can exchange our bodies and make you die in mine. Tell me where you have the antidote, we’ll share it, you’ll take one capsule, I’ll another and we’ll both live. I will remain Jane and leave forever. If you do not tell me where it is I will exchange my body with you, will read your memories, will know where the antidote is, I will take it, I will live and you will die in Jane’s body.”

Very little time left, only 10 minutes.

There is only one capsule, one of the two must die. You could exchange your body with me, but you would have to live in this old, clumsy body for months, maybe for years until you recharged the power and could exchange again. I do not think you want that.

– No, I do not want that, but if I have no choice, I will. And I want to make sure that you die in my body. It’s my revenge.

Jane grabbed the bottle of champagne and took a long drink, almost half. “Now you’re dead. As soon as I exchange our bodys I will be stronger than you, I will prevent you from taking the capsule and you will die.”

I’ll wait 3 minutes for the exchange, so you’ll have less time to react.The antidote must be near, you knew that I was going to poison you so you must have left the antidote in an easily accessible place in case you needed it.

5 minutes left

– No, it’s not far, it’s much closer than you think

Three minutes left.

Suddenly the world revolved around me, for a few seconds my eyes darkened, I lost my sight, the light returned, I opened my eyes and I saw Jane in my body with a malicious smile on her mouth.

She was trying to access my memoirs. She was trying to read my memories to know where I had hidden the antidote capsule.

Now I smiled, got up from the armchair, and walking awkwardly on Jane’s heels I approached her side.

“Thanks for the body.” I’m back to being young and beautiful, even a woman. Again I have gained in my risky bussines.”

Only one minute left

Jane’s smile disappeared from her face. At last she had been able to read my memories and knew where the antidote capsule was.

– It was not poison that you put in my mouth during the kiss, it was the capsule of the antidote that I swallowed.

– That’s right, I knew you’d want to insure my death on your body and you  would drink more poisoned champagne. Now your body is immunized against the poison and I will live in it, but you will die in mine.

I had just said this when Jane began to vomit blood and fell to the ground on her knees. Then she collapsed completely, she reached out and grabbed my left leg.

Then she died.

With disgust I took his hand off my leg, called the police and told them that my husband had suffered a heart attack and died suddenly. Of course no trace of poison was found at the autopsy. Jane had chosen the potion very well to kill herself.

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