Romantic Date – Magic TG

It was only a month since I met Daniel. I did not even know where he lived or worked, and yet Daniel had behaved like a real gentleman with me.

He had given me a beautiful black dress to go to the theater. Had rented a gigantic limousine to attend. He stopped in front of my house, got out of the car and rang the bell. He was dressed in a pink designer outfit, which would have looked ridiculous on anyone, but in him it was just elegance. When I opened the door, he greeted me with a nod and put in my arms two dozen red roses. Then, he praised my beauty and told me that it had cost him work but that he had found something almost as cute as me. And took from a gold box a necklace of diamonds that he hung on my neck. We got into the limo and he took me to dinner at the most expensive restaurant in the city and then to the theater where he had reserved the best stages. When the show ended we had a wild sex session in the presidential suite of the most expensive hotel in the region.

The night had been wonderful, but the icing on the cake was left. With the night over, when it was time to say goodbye, he knelt down before me, took a ring out of his pocket and said,

– Anna, your desire for me is the most powerful magic and will fulfill if you do it with all the strength of your soul Would you be willing to spend the rest of your life with me?

I felt tears welling up, my heart throbbing as if wanted to get out of my chest. I did not hesitate for a second and answered: “Yes, yes I want to be with you, now, always and until the day of my death”.

Daniel delicately took my hand and after kissing it, he put the ring on my finger. He replied: “Let it be so”

Then the world spun around me, I felt disoriented and I fainted.

When woke up I was on my knees, my dress dirty and wrinkled. I lifted my head and saw my own body in Daniel’s pink dress. For the first time realized how beautiful I was dressed in pink and how proud Daniel was in his new body

– I have fulfilled your wish. Now you will be forever with me. Because you’re going to live in my body that will be yours until you die. I’ll keep yours and I’ll go to your house, your work and your life.

By the way, I have not paid for the dress, the limo, the restaurant, the theater, the Hotel, the flowers, and the ring. Neither the necklace nor the suit, he told me as he played with the diamonds that were now on his neck. You should look for money and pay the bills or they will put you in jail. Your new body has a history of fraud and several pending sentences.

Saying that, he left swinging on my heels. I stared in amazement. I did not understand what had happened, but I knew that I would have to run away before the police arrived.

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