The Suicide – Tg Pact

Mark was a coward. He was unable to fight for his life and for the sake of the people who loved him. Had climbed onto the terrace and his legs were hanging in the void. I could not let him fall.

With tears in my eyes begged him not to do it.

He looked at me sadly and told me that there are lives that are worth nothing and that his live, now, worthless. Looked back into the abyss he was sitting on, bent his back, moved his head forward, and let go of his hands.

Running I tried to grab it, but he straightened up again and looked at me with hatred.

–              Do not touch me. Do not even go near me or I’ll throw myself. You told me that you loved me, that would do anything for me, but you just wanted to steal my man’s life and leave me abandoned in your woman’s body.

I stood still and raised my arms so he knew was not going to use them and that begged his forgiveness.

– You tricked me, he shouted. You did not want me. You are a traitor and a thief.

He let go of his hands again. He looked again into the void and I knew that this time he was going to jump. I could only do one thing and did it. I closed my eyes and concentrated on Mark’s image. Imagined him hugging me, kissing me, felt his lips, felt his saliva in my mouth, felt like I swallowed it with my soul in her, felt the hair of my old body in the back again and the weight of the breasts, again, in my body. I opened my eyes and was back in my old body, on the body sitting on the edge of the abyss.

Mark in his true body turned to look at me with hatred.

– You did not love me, you just wanted to steal my body. That’s why you exchanged with me. And when you got it you went away from me.

– I love you more than anyone. Love you so much that I was willing to give my life for you. Your body has cancer and will die in a few days. That’s why I left, was looking for a cure, but it was late, the cancer is too widespread. I had chosen to die in your body so that you would live in it mine.

Mark began to suffer the pain caused by the cancer that ran through his veins and the enormous weakness that caused him and knew that everything I had told him was true. Had only a few days to live, perhaps weeks of agony and dreadfuls suffering. And he felt panic, was a coward. Went to the edge of the rooftop and he jumped.

I stayed crying, expected a long life, but doubted I could enjoy it without the love of my life. A life that was no sense without Mark, I looked at the void and felt like jumping.

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