The Simpsons – Fantasy

The legend tells that when using Zulo’s medallion with a new garment, then the medallion magically changes the body measurements so that it can be worn. But what if the garment you wear is a design for a TV series?

I decided to investigate. I bought some black pants that had been designed for an episode of the Simpsons of the year 2002. I hung the medallion of my neck and I put the trousers. The transformation began immediately and in half an hour had ended. Here I take the first surprise because what I wore were female trousers. I had become a woman and could not change back to my true body until at least 12 hours had passed that the medallion needed to recharge, but I felt beautiful and felt no difference copying the body of an imaginary being.

I left my apartment and took the big surprise. All the houses, the streets were painted bright colors and the people were yellow. I looked at my hands and I saw them normal, young hands of a beautiful woman but only had four fingers. In a park I saw a sign announcing: “SPRINGFIELD” I was sure, in a magical way I was living an episode of the Simpsons.

And if you’re in Springfield, and in an episode of The Simpsons, the best place you can go is to Moe’s tavern. And there I went. There was Moe Szyslak counting pickles, Barney Gumble who had just launched a big rash and was falling asleep and Lenny and Carl chatting between them. I am surprised that these frustrated sexual ones did not show the slightest reaction to the presence of a stunningly beautiful female as it should be me in those moments. Well, that was not entirely true, the only one who spoke to me was Homer Simpson who invited me to a beer and insisted on insulting me.

I did not understand what was going on, disconcerted and I went to the services and I looked in the mirror. I was not the pretty girl with the dark hair and guitar figure I thought I was. I had blue hair, I was fat and reeked of tobacco. I had become Selma Bouvier.

Horrified I looked for the medallion to change back to my real real body as soon as possible. But the medallion no longer existed. Only one drawing remained of the zulu medallion. In the animated world, real things are drawings. I myself, at that time was a drawing.

And without medallion it would be forever.


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