White Candles for Black Magic – Exorcism

White candles for black magic.

When Olga got in touch with me she was desperate. Her life was a disaster, she had problems at work, in school, and even had a sudden and unexplained illness. There was no doctor who could find a solution to their problems. That’s why she came to me, a true sorcerer of souls.

From my religion and my science I knew immediately what was happening. A dark spirit was harassing Olga so that her will weakened and it was easier to possess her body. I tried the usual cleaning methods to keep that negative force out of Olga’s body. I conjugated the protective spirits and they spoke to me of a very powerful shadow. I had to lure him in order to expel him. As the shadow can not exist where there is clarity, I extinguished the candles so that the light did not prevent that being from being manifested from the darkness. Even though I extinguished the candles, I did not have enough power to attract such a strong spirit. I had to confess to Olga my defeat and she left in tears. I stayed in my hut and there I saw it. Sitting on the floor was that demonic being waiting for me.

He told me that he needed a human body to live in this world and he wanted mine because it was a body where magic was powerful. I replied that it was going to cost him because I was going to fight, so he answered that we could make a pact.

These spirits are liars and terrible, if they steal your body then they condemn your soul to the hell from which they come, could not allow me to deceive. I had to carefully measure what to do to prevent him from attacking me.

The next day I phoned Olga. I told her that I had not found the spirit but that he had found me. I told her that he had threatened me, but that I had found a way to keep him from pursuing her and not to attack me. But I needed her help for my plan.

Olga quickly returned to my hut, seemed even more desperate and worried than I. I did not comfort her. I told him we were in terrible danger of being condemned to hell. That demon wanted to steal a body to dwell among us. The only way to avoid that danger was with love. Because that spirit was pure evil and the opposite of evil is pure love. So we had to prove that we loved before that demonic being or our fate would be worse than death. No matter that love was feigned, all we should do is cheat it and believe that we were lovers.

She opened her precious lips and I kissed them with mine, I felt her saliva in my mouth and I felt my soul leave my body of birth and invade the precious little body of Olga. I had a few seconds of disorientation and immediately saw my own body smiling in front of me.

– I have fulfilled my part of the bargain. You have given me your body and I have given you another, younger and more beautiful body. Now you are Olga, you are 26 years old, a doctorate in law and a husband who will give you two children and make you happy the next 30 years. Although now you are less powerful magically, you are still a witch, and if you want to keep that body you must complete your part of the deal.

Olga’s body felt healthy, strong and vigorous, suddenly the memories of Olga’s life lit up in my mind. I remembered her first kiss, her bachelor’s degree, her choice as a prom queen or her first dust with her boyfriend. They were his memories, but now it was my life and I loved his memories and my new life. I could not lose this body, I could not let the previous owner claim it and condemn me to hell where she was now.

I sat on the floor and lit white candles, because the light prevents Olga’s black spirit from returning to the world of light in which I dwell within her body.

I felt no remorse condemning Olga to hell.



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